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Our bicycle claims are handled by Direct Group’s team of experienced professionals on behalf of your insurer. Direct Group share the Yellow Jersey values and understand how important your bikes are to you, and all claims are ultimately overseen by us.  As well as delivering exceptional personal service, this also means we get your claims sorted fast! We have a simple on-line claims form so you can tell us about any issues at your convenience. Visit here if you have a claim to report.



Bicycle thieves look for bikes that will be easy to steel, and easy to sell on. As soon as you mark your bicycle with a method that they can’t hide or remove, it becomes a less appealing target. Thieves caught with marked bicycles are much more likely to be prosecuted. We provide a free DNA+ marking kit with every annual bicycle policy. Dab the clear liquid on your frame and components, and put the holographic warning sticker somewhere on your frame to let would be thieves know (it’s very subtle). The police can trace the bike back to you, and you provide a big deterrent to the thieves in the first place.



We have a simple pricing structure, renewing customers pay the same as new customers, less a whopping 20% discount, , even if you’ve made a claim! Most insurance companies (and all of the other bicycle insurance companies) will put up your premium in the second year if you’ve made a claim. They will often use terms like ‘no claims bonus’ as an incentive for not claiming, but what they are really doing is discouraging you from putting a claim in when you need to. If you need to make a claim for your bicycle with us, we want you to. That’s why you took your insurance out in the first place. Making a claim with us also has no impact on your home insurance premium, another industry notorious for hiking its prices as soon as you make use of them.

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20% renewal discount not enough? You can also earn money off your renewal with our refer a friend system. For every person who uses your code, they save £10 on their new annual bicycle insurance policy, and you earn £10 off your renewal price with no cap! Keep referring friends, and we will keep taking £10 off your renewal price. Convince enough people to sign up with your code, and your renewal could end up costing you nothing at all.