Our Guide to Content Marketing

We’ve all heard that content is king but it’s a great challenge to understand exactly what content works and how often you should post.

There is no exact number of posts or exact type of content that is the most successful but we’ve come up with some general guidelines that will hopefully help you become more effective.

Remember that you’re building an audience so create quality content that your audience can come back to repeatedly as a valuable resource.
Create content that answers questions, how-to guides and ‘tutorial’ style content are always effective

Just do it! – Don’t second-guess yourself with questions like, “What if everyone already knows this?” or “Why would I share all of this information if people can just copy it?” The biggest risk is not doing it at all.

“Companies that blog at least 15 times per month get five times more traffic than companies that don’t.”

If you can’t manage that volume, simply adding one or two blogs a week to what you currently produce is simple yet effective. The important thing is to set a goal —even one blog a week— and stick to it.

Ensure that your content is tailored to your different audiences. One standard piece that goes to everyone is not always successful- multiple versions that speak to different audiences are more effective. For example a news story about a Road Cyclists might not appeal to a Mountain biker.

Writing about the current hot topic will increase shares, reads, likes, etc

Focus on Distribution – It is not enough anymore to just create email lists, you have to do the marketing for them as well, consider developing relationships with other bloggers to syndicate your posts.

People love lists and facts and stats:

  • Create a list of facts about your business
  • Create a list of the top people to follow.
  • Create a list of your favourite sources of content from others.
  • Answer the simplest questions about your business.

So how do you drive marketing results without a budget?

One way of ensuring that you always have content to publish is by re-purposing other people’s content. DON’T plagiarise and ALWAYS give credit (add links to the original work as often as possible). Using other people’s work should be a starting point, inspiration for your own take on a subject and not a just a copy and paste.

By building relationships and networks with relevant partners it becomes possible to use their content as the basis of your own, saving hours of time. It’s also a two way street as your network may reciprocate and re-purpose and publish your work, driving traffic back to your site.

If you need an example, feel free to share the video below but add some simple comments or additional insight to add weight, within less than 30mins you can provide a contact point with your audience which engages them and prompts them to remember your company.

Post the following on your website, send out via email or add to your social media channels, we hope you like it!