Bianchi Gold Race


18.10.15 at 4:22 pm

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Everyone starts somewhere and I thought I’d document my first ever project, the Bianchi Gold Race 100.
I had been on the look at for a winter bike, one that could head out on the really wet days, and also sit on the turbo trainer in the garage ready for the worst of the weather.

I picked it up early October 2015 for about £160 from Ebay. As always, bikes bring people together, and after a nice little drive in the the sun over to Cambridge, I got to meet a fellow bike enthusiast. He had a shed full of Bianchi’s, this one having been his first. It would also be mine. I wished him well, and told him I’d keep him updated it if I managed to restore his old Bianchi to its former glory.

No pressure then! From here on it begins….

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