36 Affordable Christmas Gifts For Cyclists


04.12.16 at 10:17 am

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1) Buff


PRICE: £11-£16

Incredibly versatile headwear perfect for the cooler months. available in loads of different colours and patterns.

2) Vital ID Sports Wristband


PRICE: Around £20

Highly reflective wristband that has a card inside used to store vital contact details in case of an accident.

3) Mugs


PRICE: £5-£10

Coffee and cyclists go together Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin. Needless to say you can’t go too far wrong with a cycling related mug.

4) Rubber Duck


PRICE: £8.39

After a hard day’s cycling, a soak in a hot tub can ease all but the worst of pains. Help the cyclist in your life relive their adventure with the help of a cycling ducky!

5) Topeak Ninja Series


PRICE: £15-£45

The Topeak Ninja Series is a collection of really cool cyclist tools that hide in and around your bike to free up space on the frame.

6) Colourful Cycling Socks

PRICE: £5-£15

You can’t beat a colourful pair of cycling socks, especially in the winter gloom. Have a browse through a collection of the best and brightest.

7) Books

PRICE: £4-£15

There are so many great cycling books available that they are hard to choose from. I’ve listed some of my favourites below:

8) Pictures and Posters

PRICE: £5-£14

An easy gift to brighten up a home, office or, as my wife would say, “get that rubbish off the wall and put it up in the garage”. Either way…

9) Birzman Weather Warrior Phone Protector

PRICE: £12

If the cyclist in your life is still riding around with their mobile phone in a sandwich bag, why not give them a functional gift to make their life easier. My review is here.

10) T Shirts

PRICE: £5-£14

Nothing says personality like a comedy t shirt. Really, nothing. Find the most punderful threads in the link above.

11) Earrings

PRICE: £8-£35

Did you know that in ancient times earrings were predominantly a male worn accessory? Me neither. These ones have bikes on. Ideal for a ‘Gifts For Cyclists’ list.

12) Notebooks

PRICE: £3-£9

From Hemingway to Twain there have been a number of famous cycling authors over the years. Let your cyclist express their innermost thoughts with a simple and inexpensive notebook.

13) Clocks

PRICE: £15-£35

There are two constants in life. Time and cycling. Except Einstein proved time may not be a constant and cycling is only as constant as the time you have…

14) Espresso Cups and Saucer

PRICE: £6.95

Just like what I said about coffee already, an espresso brings out the inner Italian cyclist in us all. These little beauties are perfect for the pre-ride caffeine hit.

15) Bike Cleaning Kit

PRICE: £14-£50

Bikes get dirty. Not exactly a news flash, but it is the gift that keeps on giving! There is no year that goes by where a cyclist won’t need a top up of their bike cleaning tools…

16) SIS Nutrition Gift Pack

PRICE: £16.99

If an army marches on its stomach a cyclist rides on their carbs. This gift pack by SIS will help prevent the dreaded bonk. (Yes, that really is a cycling term!)

17) Key Rings

PRICE: £1.50-£8

Nothing screams Secret Santa gift like a key ring. If you’ve been given a £5 limit and you’ve got one of those classy Lycra-clad types in your office, this is the perfect solution.

18) Crank Brother Multi Tool

PRICE: £23.95

There are multi tools and then there are multi tools. This is a seriously good one. Convince the cyclists in your life you know what you’re doing by getting them one of these.

19) Cufflinks

PRICE: £7-£15

It’s a little known fact that some cyclists also have jobs. A select few are even trusted to work in an environment where a shirt and tie is required. Help them keep their identity with the selection of cycling cufflinks.

20) Bike Pizza Cutter

PRICE: £9-£15

I know when I go to eat a pizza all I can think about is riding my fixie right across the middle. Why wouldn’t you? Innovation knows no bounds and my prayers have been answered. A bike pizza cutter, hallelujah!

21) Cycling Caps

PRICE £9-£16

Caps are probably the one bit of cycling gear outside sunglasses that can make you look cool. Because of this we tend to hoard them. Find some beauties here.

22) Lizard Skins Cycling Gloves

PRICE: £29.95

You cannot go wrong with these gloves. A bit more expensive than some but absolutely worth the money. Available in white or black I have been wearing the same pair for the last few years. And when off the bike you can wear them in the car and pretend you are a chauffeur from a 1960s black and movie.

23) Camelbak Podium Chill Water Bottle

PRICE: £11 +

Water bottles need replacing often so they are an easy one to add for the ‘gifts for cyclists’ list. In my opinion these are the very best, keeping your drink cool and not having that plastic taste you get from cheaper bottles.

24) Moo Udderly Smooth Anti Chafing Cream

PRICE: £8.89

Chafing is an inevitable but undesirable downside to cycling. Chamois cream is the answer. Moo Udderly Anti Chafing cream is amazing. Developed on the hands of milking farmers, they now have a massive range of fantastic products.

25) Truestart Performance Coffee

PRICE: £6.99

If you’re not getting the hint yet about coffee here’s another option. Truestart performance coffee is designed to give you the perfect caffeine hit for exercise.

26) Park Tools Bottle Opener

PRICE: £7.09

Park Tools are pretty much the most famous cycling tools manufacturer. So when they turned their immeasurable skill to building a bottle opener the world could not ignore it.

27) Elite Byasi Storage Bottle

PRICE: £14.65

This looks like a water bottle but isn’t. It’s designed to hold tools in one of the bottle holders on your bike so you don’t have to carry around a saddle bag. A useful addition to most cyclists’ kit list.

28) Bicycle Bookends

PRICE: £17-£40

What better way to stop the hundreds of old editions of cycling magazines from falling off the shelving than some sturdy bicycle book ends?

29) Baby Grow

PRICE: £4-£10

Where you’re a new Mum or Dad you get used to receiving gifts for your kids rather than yourself. Jump on that bandwagon and ready the next generation of cyclists!

30) Ass Saver

PRICE: £3.95

A simple device that slides under your saddle and protects your ass from the wet like a mini mud guard.

31) Cycling Calendar

PRICE: Around £10

Gifts for cyclists can be complicated. Go old school to the gift of choice for many generations… a simple calendar! Pretty pictures of bikes. Perfect.

32) Cycling Hip Flask

PRICE: £7-£20

Turns out all that coffee we drink is just to recover from all the booze! Keep them warm after a long ride with an engraved cycling hip flask.

33) Key Hide

PRICE: Around £5

Whilst cycling jerseys have a number of pockets, coming off your bike and landing on a key is not much fun! From sprinklers to rocks there are a number of secret hiding places here.

34) Knog Frog

PRICE: £13.99

Hundreds of imitations are available but these are the original and best. Easy to leave on the bike for when the nights draw in or the clouds block the sun.

35) Cycle Dog Recycled Inner Tube Dog Ball

PRICE £8.99

It’s good to see our old inner tubes being put to good use. Having been rolled around miles of country lanes, these have been reincarnated as a chew toy.

36) Cono Sur Bicicleta

PRICE: £7.50 and up

For Cono Sur, the bicycle has become a symbol that honours their employees and represents their commitment to a viticulture with respect for the environment. Oh, and having a bike on it makes it a perfect gift!

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