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Visual Ironman Kit List

Will Leedham | 7 months ago

Visual Ironman Kit List

After the best part of a year training, you’re finally ready to take on your Ironman. It might be a local event or a race on the other side of the world; in either case, keeping on top of all the kit you need can be a nightmare.

As you have decided that one sport isn’t enough for you, you live in constant danger of arriving on race-day and realising you have forgotten something crucial. You might be able to run a shorter triathlon without socks, but going without for the Ironman marathon is likely to cause you all sorts of problems.

We have created a visual Ironman kit list to help with your organisation in the run-up to race day. There will be plenty of other things you like to have with you for your race, but the list covers all of the essentials. Hopefully as you scroll through all the kit divided up to represent the stages of the Ironman, it will help reinforce all of the kit you need to take, and remind you of the extra bits and pieces you are going to need on the day.

Visual Ironman kit list for ironman triathlon racing and travelling


Ironman Kit List


Bike box

Transition bag

Warm clothing for race morning


Photo ID

Race licence





Anti-fog spray

Swimming hat

Transition towel

Wetsuit lubricant

High UV waterproof sunblock

Chamois cream





Bike shoes

Garmin/ multisport watch

Charging cable

Heart rate strap

Water bottles

Hydration tablets

Energy gels

Any other food you like to carry on the bike

Repair kit:

Spare tubes/ tubs

Tyre leavers

Pump or CO2 tyre inflator







Compression wear

Additional Nutrition


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Will Leedham

| 7 months ago

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