Every cyclist knows that the correct amount of bikes you should own is n+1, where n is the amount you currently own. This is why we’ve designed our bicycle insurance policies accordingly: each policy features a 60% discount on subsequent bicycles insured, and we offer three carefully designed tiers.

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your bikes, however many you feel the need to own, are covered. Leaving you free to enjoy all types of cycling, whether you’re a commuter and casual mountain biker, competitor with a top-spec bike for each event, or just want to keep all of your family bikes under one policy.

Our multi bicycle insurance is tailor made to meet the incredibly varied needs of cyclists: get a quick and easy quote by clicking below, or keep reading on for more info about our policy.

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Why choose multi bicycle insurance?

Each of our policies includes a generous 60% multi bicycle discount, applicable to all bikes insured after the first on the policy. The single bike limit is tiered in each policy, and the £3,000 single bike limit in Performance will meet the needs of most cyclists. If you’ve treated yourself to something extra special, Ultimate comes with a single bike limit of £15,000. The comparison table below will allow you to compare features such as race cover and cover abroad between the different tiers.

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Trying to insure multiple bikes on standard home insurance policies often becomes clunky and convoluted, requiring expensive bolt-ons. We have designed our policies specifically with cyclists in mind, because you shouldn’t have to compromise.

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Our Performance and Ultimate packages cover your bicycle abroad, so it makes sense that you be covered too. Our travel insurance is designed to keep you fully covered against any mishaps that may occur abroad, whether you’re cycling or not.

The Key Features

We offer everyone a renewal discount whether they’ve made a claim with us or not. More importantly, claiming with us won’t push up your home insurance premiums


Our Performance and Ultimate policies offer cover if your bikes are stolen from a vehicle, keeping you covered in the event of this crushing eventuality, and further increasing your range when taking your bikes out and about.


Claim costs of up to £2M are covered by all of our policies, with no excess to pay. We also cover third-party costs including damage to property, and costs arising from collisions with pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. This is valid everywhere except for North America (including Canada).

importantly, claiming with us won’t push up your home insurance premiums UP TO £15K SINGLE BIKE LIMIT

Our policies offer increasing single bike limits, letting you choose the policy to match your needs. Keeping your family’s burner bikes insured? The Essentials package is for you. Insuring your top-spec crit, MTB and cyclocross bikes? Check out the Ultimate package for full peace of mind.


All of our policies include a free DNA+ Security Marking kit worth £36, meaning you can keep your bike marked and identifiable. This increases the likelihood of it being recovered, and actually lowers the chance of it being stolen in the first place.


If the time comes to make a claim, you will be put through to agents who know their stuff. They won’t read you a script, and the whole claims process is overseen from the Yellow Jersey head office to ensure our confidence and expertise are present throughout.


Your bikes are covered at home and away, including if they are stolen or damaged while being used by a family member living at your address. This is designed to give you – all of you – full freedom to ride whenever and wherever you want.


Sometimes unsuccessful thieves will vandalise a bike they can’t get their hands on, and this isn’t always covered by bike coverage on home insurance policies. We know that keeping your bike in peak condition is a priority, which is why all of our policies cover damage from vandalism.

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