Our worldwide bicycle insurance policies have been designed to provide peace of mind for cyclists of all disciplines whose activities involve travel around the world.

Although we love the UK, you won’t find the world’s best climbs, most beautiful roads or most breathtaking views here. Taking your bike abroad shouldn’t be a hassle, but with bolt-ons to generic home or travel insurance policies, it can be. That’s why we designed our worldwide bicycle insurance policy to cover all the needs of the intrepid world-rider.


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Why do I need specific bicycle insurance?

Many generic home insurance policies offer optional cycling packages, but with confusing and restrictive clauses. The devil is in the detail, you might say. That’s why we’ve stripped out the guff and designed our policy based on the needs and feedback of traveling cyclists. Things like emergency bike hire, bike box cover, and comprehensive cover in transit give you the peace of mind to free your ride.

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We offer three different options for bicycle insurance, but worldwide cover is only provided in our Ultimate package. If you take out this policy, you'll get the maximum cover for your bike.

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Our travel insurance package is designed for the discerning rider who wants to enjoy complete freedom while abroad, whether your trip be for fun or fitness purposes. Medical mishaps are covered, as are cancellations, lost baggage and delays.

The Key Features

Who protects the protector? If the box keeping your bike safe and sound comes to harm, our bicycle insurance policy will cover repairs or replacement costs up to £1000.


There’s nothing more crushing than training hard for an event, only to be forced to pull out due to injury. If this happens, our Ultimate level Bicycle Insurance will cover you up to £500 of the non-refundable race entry fee: money you can spend on a morale-boosting Cortado and pair of souvenir cycling socks.


You’ll be covered for claims up to £2M, with no excess to pay on claims. All third-party costs are covered, whether it’s property damage or a collision with a pedestrian, cyclist or driver. This is valid everywhere except for North America (including Canada).


Travel safe in the knowledge that your bike is covered for the whole trip, including the journeys there and back. Should notoriously reckless luggage handlers damage your pride-and-joy, we’ll get it fixed. And if you take a tumble when riding in exotic lands, you’re in safe hands. Our Ultimate package will cover trips of up to 120 days, and our Performance package will cover trips of up to 30 days. Cover outside the UK is not available with our Essentials package.


We give you a free DNA+ bicycle security marking kit worth £36 with all policies, making a would-be thief’s job harder in the UK, or abroad.


If your bicycle is stolen you’re covered, whether it was taken from your home or while on holiday – as long as it was properly secured. With our family cover you’re even safe if you lend it to a member of your family who lives at your address.


If your bike gets sent to the wrong hotel, or left on the tarmac at Heathrow or Gatwick, we’ll cover the costs of hiring a short-notice replacement, so your planned activities abroad aren’t interrupted.


We understand how painful it can be when things go wrong with your bike because we’re cyclists too, which is why we closely supervise our customer-driven claims process. Your claims and queries will be processed quickly and efficiently.


A renewal discount is offered whether you have made a claim with us or not, and claiming with us won’t increase your home insurance premiums.

Cover not available on Essentials level Bicycle Insurance

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