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As well as providing competition cover on our superb bicycle insurance we also like to reward new and existing customers with regular competition prizes (like how we did that!)

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    *mobile users rotate Yellow Jersey Home Insurance British Cycling Cycleguard
    Bicycle Accessories        
    Race Fee Cancellation        
    Accidental Damage & Theft        
    Worldwide All Risks        
    DNA+ Forensic Coding        
    Damage to Bike Box        
    Damage to Bike in Bike Box        
    Theft from Vehicle        
    Public Liability        
    Competitive Use        
    Personal Accident        
    Temporary Cycle Hire        
    New for Old Cover        
    Transition Cover        
    Roadside Assistance        
    Legal Advice, Claims Management        
    Multi-bike Discount*        
    Auto Renew Discount        
    Postcode Free Pricing        
    Claims Price Freeze**        
    Choice of Repairer        
    Bicycle Insurance £2,000 Bike £172 No Online Quote £69 £273
    Bicycle Insurance £4,000 Bike £284 No Online Quote £69 £467
    Multi-bike Insurance £6000 *** £385 No Online Quote £69 £668
    Excess Bicycle Insurance £100 As per policy N/A £100 or 20%
    Excess Third Party Claims £0 £0 £0 £500

    Yellow Jersey cycle insurance does not rate on postcode therefore if you live in London or any other UK city you will not be penalised. We have based our bicycle insurance comparison quote on London post code SE1. For competition quotes we've done them on a like for like basis compared to a Yellow Jersey cycle insurance policy. Quotes are accurate as at 14/01/2015 - Rates are illustrative you must visit other UK sites to obtain a full bicycle insurance quote

    *Full Price is charged on most expensive ** Subject to no more than 3 claims in 3 years ***Price is based on 1st bike £3500 2nd bike £1500 and 3rd bike £1000

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