DNA+ Bicycle Security Marking

Take out an annual Bicycle Insurance policy with Yellow Jersey and get a free DNA+ bicycle security marking kit worth £36.

If a thief is absolutely determined to take your bike, there is not a lot you can do to stop them. However, make things difficult for them and there is a good chance a thief will pass your bike by for a softer target.

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We supply a DNA+ forensic coding kit with every annual bicycle policy. It’s not compulsory to use them, but we believe they really do make a difference.

The clear liquid in the kit is dabbed onto your frame and components. Should a stolen bike be recovered, it can be traced back to the owner by the police. What really makes the difference though, is the shiny silver sticker that lets any potential thief know that this bike has been marked.

Bike thieves rarely commit crimes in isolation. Most have stolen bikes before and may have been doing it for quite some time. They recognise stickers indicating DNA+, Smart Water, and the various other similar companies better than most.

Outside of 60’s police dramas, criminals probably aren’t referring to stolen property as ‘too hot’, but this is exactly what marked bikes are. They can’t be sold on at the regular pawnbrokers or on sites like Gumtree, and it’s more dangerous to transport and store marked bikes. If marked bikes are recovered by police, it is much easier to prove they are stolen property and get a conviction.

The benefit for us isn’t that a bike is more likely to be recovered with DNA+, it’s that DNA+ makes it less likely your bike will be stolen in the first place. Criminals know getting caught with a bike that has been forensically marked is more likely to lead to their conviction than a bike that hasn’t. If you make selling stealing your bike a hassle for the thieves, they are more likely to look for an easier target.

DNA+ forensic marking kit bicycle security
  • Your DNA+ Forensic Coding kit provides a clear solution that can be applied to your bike.
  • The solution leaves an invisible and uniquely coded DNA particle that is almost impossible to remove.
  • This unique solution is registered to you on a database.
  • When the police recover stolen property they check for DNA + coding.
  • If a thief comes across your bike, they are more likely to move on and look for a softer target.
  • We will pay to maintain your details on the database for as long as you remain a customer of Yellow Jersey