Health Insurance

with rewards

Our health insurance covers you if you fall ill in the UK, providing a broader range of options for treatment locations and scheduling compared to the NHS. This includes faster, more convenient access to treatment.

  • Cover starts from £1.25 a day
  • Avoid GP and hospital waiting lists
  • Fast diagnosis and treatment
  • Physiotherapy when you need it
  • Get discounts on top brands – helping you get healthy. And earn rewards when you get active.
  • Renewal Rate Buster*, save 12%

*We have a handful of qualifying questions; subject to the answers, we will beat your existing non-Vitality renewal price by up to 12%

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Why has Yellow Jersey partnered with Vitality Health Insurance?

Yellow Jersey has partnered with Vitality Health Insurance to give you access to their 5-star Defaqto rated cover. We believe Vitality aligns perfectly with the Yellow Jersey ethos, with clear, easy-to-understand plans. Vitality Health insurance offers unique benefits and incentives to encourage healthy living. As well as the award-winning cover, the Vitality Programme helps you to understand your health and make it easier for you to get and stay healthier through discounts and rewards. Here are some reasons why you might consider buying health insurance with Yellow Jersey in partnership with Vitality:

    1. Wellness Rewards: The Vitality Programme encourages members to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. By engaging in healthy activities such as cycling and getting regular health check-ups, members can earn points and receive rewards such as gym membership discounts, discounts on bikes and accessories and even discounted travel.
    2. Fitness Tracking Devices: Vitality provides you with discounts on fitness trackers or smartwatches to monitor your physical activity. These devices sync with the Vitality app, allowing you to track progress.
    3. Discounts and Cashback: You can receive discounts and cashback on various health-related products and services, such as gym memberships, sports gear, and healthy food.
    4. Access to Health Screenings: Vitality offers access to health checks and assessments as part of its plan. Regular health check-ups can help detect potential issues early on, allowing for proactive management and treatment.
    5. Incentives for Healthy Choices: Vitality encourages healthy choices by providing incentives such as lower premiums and additional coverage options for members who actively engage in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
    6. Manage your care in the palm of your hand: Vitality make it easy for you to get all the care you need, when you need it, in one seamless online space. Make a claim and track it end to end. Book GP, physio and mental health appointments. Find and choose the right consultant, from the trusted list of Premier Consultants, and see them at a time to suit you.
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The Key Features
Accidental damage

Our insurance policy covers accidental damage at home and while riding, including from collisions involving other cyclists and vehicles.

Extended Bike Values

Due the period of Covid-19 travel restrictions, our essentials insurance package will cover each bicycle up to £15,000, and a fleet of bikes up to £50,000. This means that while you can’t race or travel, you can get great insurance without paying for what you don’t need. Of course, the policy is still perfect for lower values bikes too.

DNA+ security marking

We include a free DNA+ bicycle security marking kit with each policy, worth £36. This deters thieves by showing that your bike is marked, and helps police in tracking and returning your bike if stolen.

Zero depreciation

Just because you bought your bike a few years ago, doesn’t mean you should be out of pocket if it gets stolen. We don’t devalue bikes any period of time, so the price you paid is the price you can insure them for.

Physio and dental cover

Our Essentials package has you covered for up to £250 of physiotherapy and dental work if you injure yourself during an accident on your bike. Don’t let risk of injury put you off of riding, but always ride safe!

Vandalism cover

There’s nothing more soul-destroying than senseless damage to your bike caused by vandalism. If your bike is damaged in this way while left locked up, we’ll cover it.

Public liability insurance

All of our policies include a generous £2m of public liability cover, so if you’re involved in a collision with a vehicle or person, you can rest assured. And so you’re not left out of pocket, there is zero excess to pay on third party claims.

£250 accessory cover included as standard

We include £250 worth of accessories cover with the option to insure more if you need it. This means if your panniers, lights or commuter are stolen or damaged at the same time as your bike, they can be included in your claim.

Renewal discount

We like to reward our customers for loyalty and are proud to offer a 25% renewal discount on every policy. Even if you’ve made a claim in your previous policy year.

Permanent injury

If the unthinkable happens and you suffer a permanent injury while cycling, our Essentials policy covers you up to £10,000, giving you the security you need to get yourself back on track.

Legal expenses

Up to £100,000 for the costs of legal expenses in the UK  if you need to make a claim against another road user regarding your uninsured losses, or
compensation for personal injury. There must be a reasonable prospect of success, and you must use our appointed advisors.

Theft at home and away

If your bike gets stolen, our insurance policies cover it. This includes theft from your house and while away from home, even if you regularly lend your bike to a relative who lives at your address. Just make sure they follow our security requirements, and your bike isn’t left unsecured!

£100 maximum excess

We charge a 10% excess on claims for your bikes, but this is capped at £100. We also waive excess on third party claims.

Optional helmet and clothing cover

If you want to extend your cover to include helmets and cycle clothing, this is an optional extra in all of our policies.

Family cover and multi bike discount

You can insure your whole family’s bike collection on your policy, up to a combined value of £10,000. This means everyone in your household is covered and has peace of mind to enjoy cycling in whatever form they choose. We also offer a discount of 60% on each subsequent bike insured on a policy.



For cyclists who compete regularly in the UK and abroad in crits, triathlons or mountain bike races.

Maybe one of our other packages suits you more


Designed for enthusiasts who ride regularly and might travel abroad for training or events.


Our entry level package will protect your bike from the essentials, whether theft or damage in an accident.

Are you insured for travel?

Whilst our Ultimate Bicycle Insurance covers your bike worldwide, our cycle specific travel insurance covers you for emergency medical care and repatriation. It covers trip cancellation, medical expenses and repatriation, on top of lots of other features you’d expect from a standard travel insurer.

Bicycle and Travel insurance can be purchased on their own or together, for a full year or a single trip, giving you the ultimate comprehensive cover.