How does our Claims Process work?


30.07.18 at 1:08 am

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Theft and Race Fee Cancellation

These are the easiest type of claims for us to deal with. When you submit your claim form, it gets sent through to our inhouse claims team along with your policy information.

Within three working days (but usually much quicker) we will make contact you to request some essential documents. These could be things like proof of ownership for your bike, a doctor’s note showing that you are unable to take part in your race, or a police report. As soon as you submit your form we will give you a list of everything we are going to need, so you can have them ready to send before they have even had the chance to ask for them.

We will also double check that your policy covers all of the things that you are claiming for, carry out the necessary fraud checks, and double check the details in your form – such as the value you insured your bike for or the cancellation T&Cs of you race entry.

So long as everything checks out we will offer you a settlement, and if you are happy, we will instruct our underwriters to make a payment to you. We pay out for stolen bikes in cash, never vouchers, and the money should be in your account within 7 to 9 days.

Accidental Damage

Claims for bikes that have been damaged, be it while riding or with an airline, tend to be significantly more complex, and so require the involvement of a few extra people.

When you submit your form it will get sent through to our claims team who will carry out the same steps as they would for any other claim, but it will also be sent through to our partners at a company called Carbon Bike Repair.

One of their engineers will get in touch with you within one working day to request photographs of the damage, and clarify any points in your claim form. You cannot give too much detail in your claim form, so don’t be shy. A good photograph can also tell the mechanics and carbon experts a lot about the state of the bike.

If the Carbon Bike Repair engineers are confident that the damage is minor, they will instruct you to take your bike into your local bike shop for a quote. This would include things like broken handlebars, or bashed derailleurs. CBR would pass your claim back to us, and so long as the repair quote was reasonable and the value of the bike justified it, we would ask the bike shop to carry out the repair and pay them directly.

If there is no doubt that the bike is beyond repair (we are occasionally sent photos of frames in several small pieces) we will process the claim in the same way we would a theft, and make a payment directly to you. This would come after the appropriate checks of course.

If we make a cash pay-out on a written-off bike that has good quality, undamaged components, we might organise recovery of the scrap.

Carbon Damage

If there is damage to a carbon frame or wheelset, or if it is unclear whether there is carbon damage, then Carbon Bike Repair will organise collection of the bike at a time when it will be convenient for you. They will also provide you an estimate on the anticipated timeframe should a repair be necessary, considering both the type of repair they think will be needed, and their current queue of waiting repairs.

Carbon Bike Repair, have access to (and the training to use) a variety of ‘flaw detection apparatus’ including digital microscopes and thermographic ‘x-ray’, a process that uses ultrasound to track how heat passes through carbon fibre. The result of this is that they can provide a completely unambiguous assessment of the health of your frame or wheels, something a local bike shop cannot replicate. They also have in house cycle mechanics who can fix and diagnose issues with your groupset at the same time.

Based on the findings of their carbon inspection, Carbon Bike Repair might recommend carbon repair. Cracks in top tubes and chain stays are their bread and butter, and work they complete day in and day out. Whether or not they can repair other parts of the frame or wheelset depend on the severity of the damage, and the make and model.

In order to carry out a repair, Carbon Bike Repair must be able to satisfy three key points:

  1. Any carbon repair must be guaranteed for the lifetime of the bike.
  2. The bike must be functionally the same as it was before the crash.
  3. The bike must be aesthetically the same as it was before the crash including all paint work and decals.

Once the work is complete and they have signed off the bike as having met these requirements, it will be returned to you, and Carbon Bike Repair will request their payment directly from us.

This guide to our process isn’t completely exhaustive of course. Every claim has its nuances, and even after four years of bicycle claims, things still come through our inbox that surprise us.

Read our claims promise 

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always speak to us directly. We are available 9 to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday on 0333 003 0046, via email at, or on social media as YellowJerseyUK.

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