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For bicycle insurance and travel insurance claims visit our claims page for more information.


Bicycle Insurance Cover

  • What is the difference between Bicycle Insurance and Cycle Travel Insurance?

    We offer two complementary bicycle insurance products for UK customers. Bicycle Insurance provides UK customers with complete cover for all their bikes worldwide, including crash damage and theft, alongside numerous other benefits as standard. Our Travel Insurance covers medical expenses and repatriation in the event of an accident abroad, on top of lots of other features you’d expect from a travel insurer.


  • Will my bicycle be covered if it is damaged whilst being transported by an airline?

    Your bicycle, including its wheels, are covered against loss, theft and damage in transit, so long as they are securely packaged within a bicycle box or bicycle bag, and you have retained the receipt from the airline confirming your bicycle was checked. The standard policy excess will apply. We also provide travel insurance for cyclists separately, covering you for emergency medical care and repatriation while racing and riding, together with features like trip cancellation and curtailment cover. Our cover is designed to help you head off abroad and enjoy every minute of your trip without worry.

  • Does bicycle insurance cover my bike abroad?

    If you choose our annual performance or ultimate bicycle insurance policies then yes, your bicycle will be covered against theft and damage globally for up to either 30 or 120 days at a time. Our essentials policy does not cover taking your bike abroad. With performance and ultimate you can take as many trips of up to 30 or 120 days as your boss will give you the time off for. Please note, however, that public liability cover is not provided in the USA or Canada. Bear in mind that Yellow Jersey’s Bicycle Insurance is designed to protect your beloved bikes against theft or damage while riding and competing, and not as an alternative to travel insurance. We do also now offer cycle travel insurance which includes – among many other benefits – cover for emergency medical expenses and repatriation while cycling and competing abroad.

  • Do I still need to take out travel insurance if I go abroad on a cycling holiday?

    Yellow Jersey’s Cycle Insurance is designed to cover your beloved bicycles against theft, or damage while riding and competing – and not as an alternative to travel insurance. To give you more extensive cover overseas, we created our cycle travel insurance which includes – among many other benefits – cover for emergency medical expenses and repatriation while cycling and competing abroad.

  • Is my bicycle covered if I leave it chained to some railings?

    The key concern in this instance is what you have chained your bike to. If you leave your bicycle unattended away from your home we will cover bicycle theft and malicious damage providing your bicycle has been locked through the frame to an immovable object. The lock must be approved by Sold Secure and appropriate for the value of your bicycle. If you’re not sure about your lock, consult our blog on locks and security. As for timescale, the bicycle can be left unattended for up to 12 hours. This is extended to 24 hours within a railway station and 48 hours within the transition area of a competitive organised triathlon event.

  • I'm buying a bicycle through a Cycle to Work scheme – Can you note the scheme provider as an interested party?

    Of course, this is no problem. All you have to do is send us an email containing your policy number and details of the Cycle to Work scheme provider and we will note their details accordingly on your bicycle insurance.

  • I sometimes win prize money in amateur cycling events. Would I still be covered whilst taking part in these events?

    Firstly, congratulations – you must be pretty speedy! So long as you’re not deemed a professional or semi-professional rider, you’ll be pleased to know that races with cash prizes are fully covered by our bicycle insurance. Professional or semi-professional athletes – who derive part or all of their income from activities involving the use of a bicycle (e.g. a cyclist, triathlete or duathlete) – are not covered by the standard Yellow Jersey Cycle insurance policy unless we have given you written consent. We do provide insurance to professional level teams such as Matrix Pro Fitness and Team Wiggins, as well as numerous individuals, but this must be agreed with us in advance. Essentially, the cover provided for amateur riders is the same as we provide for our professionals – you just need to tell us you’re a pro.

  • What is the maximum value bicycle you insure?

    The level of cover is dependent on the policy that you chose. Under our essentials policy you can obtain bicycle insurance for a single bicycle up to a maximum value of £1000, but maximum total cover for all your bicycles and accessories is up to £3000. For our performance coverage, the single bike limit is £3000 and your maximum total cover for all bicycles and accessories is £10,000. Whilst if you go for the ultimate package, our single bicycle limit is £15,000 but the maximum total cover for all your bicycles and accessories stretches to £50,000. When adding accessories to any of these policies, the first £250 of their value is already included as standard.

  • Is my bicycle covered for theft if its not padlocked whilst in transition?

    If your bike is held within the transition area of an organised sporting event – i.e. between sections at a triathlon – it is not required to be locked as it is not deemed to be abandoned or unattended. Your bicycle, wetsuit and helmet are all covered against theft and accidental damage while in transition zones.

  • How many cycles can I insure on one cycle insurance policy?

    You can take out bicycle insurance on up to 15 bikes on a single policy, just as long as the total combined value of the bicycles and accessories does not exceed £50,000 and the bikes are all owned by you, or for which you are legally responsible.

  • Is there an excess on this policy?

    The standard excess for our bicycle insurance policy is 10% up to a maximum of £100 for theft or accidental damage. But unlike most bicycle insurers, there is no excess on third party claims made against you. Isn’t that nice?

  • Will damage to my bicycle or theft be covered if I lend it to another person?

    Our bicycle insurance will only cover you if you lend it to a member of your immediate family. That means your parents, spouse, partner, son, daughter or siblings, who permanently live with you.

  • What will public liability insurance cover me for?

    Public liability insurance provides cover against damage to persons or property caused by your proven negligence, such as an injury you cause to a pedestrian or damage that you may do to a vehicle while riding a bicycle insured with us. While we love safe cycling and hope you’re never in a situation like that, our policy provides up to £2 million of liability cover as standard, and we charge no excess on this service. Please bear in mind, though, that public liability cover is not provided in the USA or Canada.

  • How does the Roadside Recovery cover work?

    We’ve all been there – an inopportune mechanical that leaves you stranded with a busted bike and no way of getting home. It’s a cyclist’s nightmare. If while cycling in the UK you should be unfortunate enough to suffer a mechanical breakdown, or be involved in an incident which damages your bike, preventing you from completing your journey, you’ll be able to call a taxi to take you to one of the following destinations:

    1.     The nearest suitable cycle repair shop, or

    2.     The nearest appropriate railway station, or

    3.     The nearest car rental agency, or

    4.     The nearest overnight accommodation, or

    5.     The Insured Location, if closer

    You will then be able to submit a claim for the taxi cost, up to 150 GBP per event, you can’t make more than three claims per period of insurance, but if your bike breaks down that many times it might be time to switch mechanics.

  • What types of bicycle do you cover?

    Our bicycle insurance will cover any bike, including; road, mountain, cyclocross and time trial as well as tricycles, tandems, trailer cycles or push scooters. Essentially, any bicycle covered by Yellow Jersey must be powered by human pedalling and/or batteries. We are unable to cover bikes which fall under the requirements of the Road Traffic Act such as motorcycles, mopeds or scooters.

  • What benefits are provided by the Personal Accident cover?

    Our personal accident cover is provided as standard and compensates you or your family members if you’re involved in a serious accident while using a bike specified on your policy. We will pay up to £20,000 per person for injuries including; death, loss of limb, loss of sight, or permanent total disablement. Please note cover will not be provided for anyone under the age of 16 or over the age of 85. Also, anyone over the age of 65 is not covered for permanent total disablement.

  • I’ve broken my collarbone and can’t take part in an Iron Man race that I’d signed up for. Am I able to claim for the cost of the race entry fee?

    If serious injury or illness prevents you from attending an event as planned, our bicycle insurance policy provides you with race entry fee cancellation cover. You can find out more about other circumstances where the cover may come into effect – and a full list of requirements/exclusions – in section 6 of our policy wording. An insurance policy must have been taken out with us before the incident which prevents you from entering a race or event.

  • I live outside the UK can I buy your insurance?

    Unfortunately, our bicycle insurance is only available to UK customers, although we plan to make our fantastic product available outside of the UK very soon.

  • Do you offer push bike insurance? What is a push bike? And do people still call it a push bike?

    First question: yes! We do indeed offer push bike insurance. Question number two: the push bike (or hobby horse) was invented by Baron Carl Von Drais in 1817 and is considered the ancestor of the modern bicycle. Riders propelled themselves just like a bike, but using their feet directly on the ground to push it along. Alas, the push bike did not stick around long, lasting just two years before the pedal cycle was developed. For some reason, many cyclists consider the term ‘push bike’ insulting. On his excellent blog “Roads Were Not Built for Cars”, Carlton Reid issued an impassioned plea for the UK’s Department for Transport to cease using the term “push-bike” to describe the bicycle, arguing that the term, first introduced in 1903, was offensive, old-fashioned and obnoxious. So there you go.

Bicycle Security Questions

  • Do you have a handy guide on security in different locations?

    Some bicycle insurance makes it tricky to understand the lock requirements, we believe we have made ours easy and simple to digest. You shouldn’t have to have a UK law degree to understand a bicycle insurance policy so we have create a simple plain English blog. Check out our handy guide to bicycle security in different locations.

  • What sort of lock do I need, and what is Sold Secure?

    If you are leaving your bicycle unattended when out and about, or if it stored somewhere not secure, then it will need to be locked through the frame to an immovable object with an approved lock. bicycles worth £1000 or more need a Sold Secure Gold rated bike lock. bicycles worth less than £1000 can be locked with Sold Secure Silver.Sold Secure are a third party rating company who test bicycle locks to see how easy they are to break open. The vast majority of bicycle locks sold in the UK will have this rating, and will usually display their rating proudly on the packaging. If you are unsure, you can check your lock against the database over on their website.There are some lock manufacturers who use terms like Gold and Silver in their marketing but are not rated by Sold Secure. Make sure you look for the Sold Secure logo when buying a bicycle lock.

  • What type of bicycle locks are the best?

    So long as the lock you use meets the required Sold Secure level for the value of your bicycle, it does not matter which type of lock you use. However, some styles tend to be better than other.D-locks tend to be the strongest. They are very hard to cut and thieves will generally pass them by to find a softer target.Chain locks can come in a very wide rand of quality but are generally easier to bypass than D-locks. They also tend to be quite heavy and best used in unsecure garages where a D-lock might be difficult to get on and off.Cable locks are nice to carry around but are notoriously easy to break. They are best avoided if possible.

  • I have a Sold Secure Bicycle Gold D-lock which comes with a cable to secure my wheels. Does this meet your requirements?

    In every case we have seen, the D-lock is sold secure Gold and therefore meets our requirements, but the cable is  not. Unfortunately, this isn’t always clear on the packaging. So long as the bike is locked through the frame to an immovable object with this D-lock then it is covered under our policy. However, a wheel locked with the cable wouldn’t be covered as they are too easy to cut.

Cycle Travel Insurance Cover

  • What is the difference between Bicycle Insurance and Cycle Travel Insurance?

    We offer two complementary insurance products for cyclists. We have 3 tiers of bicycle insurance to cater for different cyclists however our Ultimate Bicycle insurance is best set up for people who are looking to travel with their bike as it provides complete cover for your bikes wherever you are in the world, including crash damage and theft, with numerous other benefits thrown in. Our travel insurance covers medical expenses and repatriation in the event of an accident abroad, on top of lots of other features you’d expect from a travel insurer but it won’t cover your bicycle. In short, from your local lanes to the summit of the Monte Zoncolan, we’ve got you covered.

  • Am I covered for downhill mountain biking overseas?

    Our Ultimate Bicycle Insurance policy will cover you for downhill mountain biking and racing in the UK and overseas. Our travel product covers downhill mountain biking overseas, however it excludes racing. So as long as your riding is just for fun, our standard travel insurance product covers you. However, if you do want to compete in a downhill mountain biking event overseas, give us a call and we may be able to sort you out on an individual basis. Please call us on 0333 003 0046.

  • Is this travel insurance sufficient for my cycling training camp?

    Yes, we want you to be able to enjoy the warm weather and great roads on your training camp with peace of mind, so we will cover you for emergency medical expenses and repatriation if your experience is interrupted by injury or illness.

  • Am I covered during an Ironman event?

    Yes, Ironman events are covered by our travel policy so you’ll have any emergency medical expenses and repatriation covered should something go wrong.


  • Am I covered racing or riding in the USA?

    Yes, you are. If you’re off to the USA you’ll need to make sure you select ‘Worldwide’ cover when purchasing your travel insurance. If you’re not planning on crossing the Atlantic any time soon, then consider our European only cover, which is available at a lower rate. It’s worth bearing in mind that your annual European travel insurance policy can be upgraded to include the USA after purchase, but a worldwide policy cannot be ‘downgraded’ to exclude the USA after purchase.

  • Does your travel Insurance cover my bike as well as me?

    No. Our travel insurance offers cover for your luggage up to a maximum value of £5,000 while it is being transported by the airline, however it won’t cover damage to your bike abroad once you get it out of the bike box and start riding. For this, you’ll also need to purchase our dedicated bicycle insurance. Our Performance bicycle insurance policy will cover you for up to 30 days in Europe and our Ultimate bicycle insurance policy will cover you for up to 120 days worldwide.

  • Will your travel insurance cover the cost of emergency medical care if I injure myself while racing abroad?

    Yes. We hope that your only expenses while training or racing overseas will be coffee stops on the beach front, but our travel insurance is designed to cover the costs of emergency medical expenses just in case. This applies to all forms of bicycle racing and triathlon over any distance. The only exception is downhill mountain bike racing, which is not currently covered by our travel insurance policy. There are exceptions to this but they must be negotiated with us directly and before your trip.

  • Will your travel insurance cover the cost of repatriation if I injure myself while racing abroad?

    Yes, we hope that it won’t be needed but accidents can happen, so our travel insurance is designed to cover the costs of repatriation due to injury while on holiday – including while riding or racing your bicycle. This applies to all forms of bicycle racing and triathlon over any distance. The only exception is downhill mountain bike racing which is not covered by our travel insurance policy.

  • Will your travel insurance cover the costs if I need to cancel my holiday?

    If something happens that means your holiday or training camp has to be cancelled (or postponed), our travel insurance will cover you for up to £5,000 where it is necessary and unavoidable. For example, if your tour organiser goes out of business and cancels your trip, the costs would be covered by us. If you changed your mind but could still reasonably take the trip, the costs of cancellation would not be covered by us. We think that’s fair.

  • I’ve broken my collarbone and can’t take part in event that I’d signed up for. Am I able to claim for the cost of the entry fee?

    First of all, what a bummer! But don’t worry, if you have an annual Ultimate bicycle policy or travel policy, we can provide entry fee cancellation cover if a serious injury or unforeseen illness stops you from attending an event you have entered. Your insurance policy will need to have been taken out with us prior to the incident which prevents you from entering your race, and we will require evidence of the injury or illness from a professional medical practitioner.

  • Is there a limit to the number of races I can enter or times I can ride abroad with an annual travel insurance policy?

    It sounds like you’re planning a pretty epic season so we’re pleased to inform you that there is no maximum number of trips on an annual policy. However, no single trip can exceed 60 days away from the United Kingdom. That said, you can take as many as you like, so start booking!

  • What’s the maximum trip length I can take on your annual travel insurance?

    The maximum single trip length on our annual policy is 60 days, but you can take any number of trips throughout the year as long as none exceed that duration. To make life easier, our annual cycle travel insurance also includes winter sports cover to save you from having to search around for another supplier when you have already purchased with us. Our maximum trip length for winter sports holidays is shorter at 17 days.

  • I’m planning an extended touring holiday; can you provide travel insurance for longer periods?

    Ordinarily, our travel insurance policy is restricted to trips of 60 days at a time, however, if you have reason to extend your trip to longer than 60 days – for some sort of epic touring adventure, for instance – then we might be able to help you out with a tailor-made individual plan. Please bear in mind that it is impossible for you to extend the maximum length of your trip once you have begun.

  • If my bicycle is damaged by the airline, is it covered by your travel insurance?

    No, our travel insurance package offers cover for your luggage up to a maximum value of £5,000 while it is being transported by the airline, however it won’t cover damage to your bike. That’s where our dedicated bicycle insurance comes in. Our comprehensive Ultimate bicycle insurance policy will cover your bicycle against damage by the airline up to £15,000, together with theft and crash damage, along with a host of other features. Our bicycle insurance even provides cover for your bike box up to £1,000.

  • Your travel insurance policy includes ‘gadget cover’. Does this include my Garmin?

    We know cyclists love their gadgets and with that in mind, our travel insurance includes gadget cover for up to five items, with a total value of £2,000. This will cover theft from your hotel and accidental damage to any of your devices, including Garmins, cameras, laptops and tablets. However, the gadget insurance is not valid while cycling. To read more about our bicycle insurance, please view our cycling insurance information here.

  • Does your travel insurance cover sports other than cycling and triathlon?

    Yes, absolutely. Active people live active lives, so while the main focus of our cycle travel insurance is cycling, we made sure we also included cover for other sports you might enjoy while on holiday. This was one of the requests that came out of our customer consultations while designing this product. Have a look at our policy wording to see a full list of included sports. Our annual travel insurance also includes winter sports cover, so if you enjoy skiing or snowboarding over the winter, you won’t need to purchase an additional policy.

Valuing Bicycles

Payments, Finance, and cancellation

  • Can I cancel my policy?

    We have a 14-day cooling off period built into our policies, after which point we are unable to provide refunds on either bicycle insurance or travel insurance policies. If you don’t want or need an annual policy, we also offer short-term cover for periods of 5, 10, 17, and 31 days, so if you only need bicycle insurance or travel insurance for a specific event, or a period of less than a year, please ensure you purchase a short-term policy. If you do wish to withdraw your policy during the cooling off period, you will incur a cancellation charge. Please see our terms of business for more details.

  • Why is it more expensive to pay for an annual policy via direct debit than to make a single payment?

    In order for your insurance policy to be valid, the premium needs to be paid to our underwriter in full, upfront. While this is fine for a lot of customers, many would prefer to spread the cost over a longer period of time. We allow you to pay your premium as a monthly direct debit by way of a finance agreement with a company called Plan Finance LTD. Plan Finance pay your premium for you up front, and your direct debit is used to pay them back, plus a charge of 10% which they keep as a fee.

  • Can I change my Direct Debit to a date of my choice?

    Yellow Jersey provide a premium financing option through Plan Finance Ltd. You may choose either the 1st or 15th of the month as your collection date. You can request to swap between these dates, however you may be required to make a manual payment in the interim.

  • I have received some correspondence from Plan Finance LTD. Who are they?

    Yellow Jersey have selected Plan Finance Ltd to provide a premium finance solution to help spread the cost of your annual policy. If you have selected to pay your premium via monthly Direct Debit, Plan Finance Ltd will send you a finance agreement and mandate form which you will need to complete and return to them.

  • I want to increase the level of cover on my annual travel insurance, eg extend cover from European to Worldwide. How is the change in premium worked out?

    The increase in premium is based on how long you have remaining on your policy, worked out on a pro rata basis. If you extend from European only to Worldwide cover six months into your policy for example, you will be charged the difference in cost for these two policies for half a year. If you have purchased your policy with us on finance, the additional premium will be spread evenly across your remaining direct debit payments. Usually, there will be fewer direct debit payments remaining than months left in the policy.

Making a Claim

  • How do I make a bicycle insurance claim?

    If you need to make a claim, please visit our contact page for information.

  • Who handles your bicycle insurance claims?

    Our bicycle insurance claims are administered by a company called Direct Group Travel Services and supervised from the Yellow Jersey office.

  • Who handles your cycle travel insurance claims?

    Our cycle travel insurance claims are managed by a company called Direct Group Travel Services. We want to make sure that you’re looked after if something happens while you are on holiday, and that means having someone you can talk to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We picked Direct Group Travel to run our travel insurance claims for us not only because we are confident they can offer this round the clock service, but because they have the track record and experience we can put our trust in.

About Us

  • Who are Yellow Jersey?

    Yellow Jersey was born out of an established family-run insurance brokerage firm called The Plan Group Ltd. As a family of cycling enthusiasts, we decided to combine our insurance experience with our love for cycling and launched Yellow Jersey. Our vision is to free your ride, giving you more time and peace of mind with quality cover that you can rely on. By designing cover that we would choose ourselves, we provide the products and services that allow our customers to ride without any concerns, concentrating on the thrill of the ride, confident in the knowledge that if anything should happen, we’re there to get them back on the bike.

  • How can I contact you?

    Please visit our contact us page for details.

  • What are your opening hours?

    The office is open from 9am until 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

  • Are you registered with the Financial Conduct Authority?

    Yes, as a trading style of The Plan Group Ltd., Yellow Jersey is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 307249. Feel free to check this on the Financial Conduct Authority’s register by visiting their website or by giving them a call on 0800 111 6768.

  • Who provides your cycle insurance cover?

    Our bicycle insurance is underwritten by Tradewise Insurance Services. Tradewise offer a range of industry leading insurance products and we have had the pleasure of working with them for over a decade. We cannot fault their business integrity and their service has consistently been of the highest quality.

About This Site

  • Is this site secure?

    At Yellow Jersey we are committed to safeguarding your personal information, adhering to the most up to date internet security standards, compliance and UK data protection laws. Under no circumstances is your data stored on this site, it is passed immediately and securely on to relevant parties such as banks and finance houses. What’s more, our payment gateway site is protected by Barclaycard Secure to ensure any data you share with us is done so securely. You can rest assured that any and all information you supply is confidential and encrypted, so it cannot be read by anyone else. We take great care of your privacy and uphold the measures outlined in our Privacy Policy to keep your personal data secure and confidential. So please do have a good look through this policy, for as soon as you utilise the services of our website you will be expected to have read and accepted its terms. You should not utilise the services of our website if you do not accept our Privacy Policy.

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Contacting Yellow Jersey

  • How do I contact Yellow Jersey?

    Please head over to our contact page for more information. 

  • How do I make a complaint?

    While we hope that the service you receive from Yellow Jersey is the best it can be at all times, we want to hear from you if you are not satisfied – so we can improve our services for the future. Our Operations Director can be contacted by; 


    Telephone: 0333 003 0046

    Writing: Yellow Jersey, Prospero, 73 London Road, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1LQ

    When dealing with your complaint, we will follow our complaint handling procedures; a summary of these procedures is available on request. If you are still not satisfied after first making contact, you may be entitled to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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