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Our family approach means we don’t rely on big call centres for our customer support or claims. Our small team of enthusiastic cyclists handle any queries personally, allowing us to deliver an outstanding customer service level.

There are three ways to get in touch:

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Our Bicycle Insurance claims are handled by our in-house team.

To begin a new claim, you’ll need to log in to your customer area and complete a claim form.

Our Claims Team

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If you have questions you can call our team: 0333 003 0600

Please note 03 numbers are included in free call packages from both landlines and mobile providers. If called outside of a free call plan from a landline you will typically be charged up to 5p/minute, calls from mobiles will typically cost between 10p and 31p/minute

Bicycle Insurance Claims

To begin a new bicycle insurance claim, all you need to do is log in to your account, and click 'Claim' next to the relevant policy. Don't worry if you have forgotten your password, you will have the opportunity to reset it on the login page.

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Race Fee Cancellation

You can claim for Race Fee Cancellation in the same way as damage or theft, by logging into your account. Race Fee Cancellation cover is only included in Annual Ultimate Bicycle Insurance policies.

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Travel Insurance Claims

In order to process your claim as quickly as possible, we have a separate emergency and non-emergency claims numbers. For more information, please click the button below:

Travel insurance claims  



Important Notes

If you have to make a claim, you must notify us as soon as practicable after the incident and within 31 days after your return home. If you suffer an injury or illness which may lead to a claim under your travel insurance, you must always seek the advice of a registered medical practitioner before cancelling or curtailing your trip, or before incurring any expenses.

Please remember to retain receipts for all costs incurred. Report any theft to the police within 24 hours of discovery and obtain a crime reference number. Report theft of your mobile phone within 12 hours of discovery to your airtime provider and instruct them to blacklist your handset. To claim you will complete an online form, and sibmit it with the necessary supporting documents.

Taxi Fare Claims

If you breakdown while on a ride, we offer taxi reimbursement cover. This is available within the territorial limits of your policy.

Please keep your taxi receipt and photo evidence showing why you required recovery.

There is no excess, and we will cover you for reasonable taxi costs up to £150.00.

To make a taxi fare claim, login to your account, click 'Claim' next to the relevant policy, and complete an accident claim form:

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