Our Claims Promise

We think it’s PEACE OF MIND. A promise that if something does go wrong, your provider will put it right.

The key to choosing an insurance provider is TRUST. We know when you’re riding in a tight group on the road or track you have to trust the cyclists around you to follow the rules.

Yellow Jersey has been designed by cyclists and triathletes, you can trust we understand you’re needs and also the high standards demanded in every aspect of our sport.

In the process of developing the Yellow Jersey insurance products, we took time to look at what was being offered in the market and applied real-world scenarios to test the practicalities.

In many situations our kit was left exposed, not through negligence but the day to day activities of being a cycling enthusiast or endurance athlete.

We set about improving and innovating to provide unparalleled bicycle and travel insurance policies which catered for the needs of the cycling and triathlon community.

What does this mean to the claims process? When you have a claim we will make it our problem not yours. You will get a dedicated claims handler and you won’t get passed around. We know that that the cycling and triathlon community is full of people like us, people we can trust to be honest when making a claim, and therefore the settlement of your claim will be quick and painless.

Our bicycle and travel claims are handled by experts we trust who provide excellent service we constantly test.

This claims promise is what makes us different, because trust is at its core and cyclists make the rules.

Our claims promise

  • To treat you with trust and for all claims decisions to be made by cycling friendly specialists
  • To give you a dedicated claims handler
  • To expedite the claims process keeping form filling to a minimum.
  • To pay claims to your nominated account with 7 – 10 days of settlement.
  • To not increase your renewal price due to a claim

Yellow Jersey a fair and straightforward approach to claims

“After crashing my new bike I informed Yellow Jersey of the incident. The process was completed very quickly and it was confirmed full payment would be made immediately and directly into my bank account. I will definitely be recommending Yellow Jersey to other cyclists as I was impressed with the wide range of cover and the speed of settlement.”
Paul Harvey, road cyclist and track enthusiast, Colwyn Bay

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