World Triathlon Sunderland 2023 Race Day Insurance

We provide group insurance to British Triathlon, covering their participants competing in the World Triathlon Championship. Participants must opt-in when entering the event to benefit from the coverage. Those that opt in are covered for event entry fees, damage to their bicycle on race day, and theft of their bicycle from transition. Bicycles valued up to £5,000 are covered. We cannot cover bikes we value above £5,000. To avoid doubt, if a bike is valued at £6,000, we cannot insure it. To be covered, claims must be submitted within seven days with photographic evidence showing the loss’s damage, date and location.

For full details on the cover offered under the BTF’s group race day policy, look at the wording and summary of the cover below.

bicycle-insurance-PDF-LOGO-e1458375998302DOWNLOAD THE FULL POLICY WORDING


Submit your claims directly through the Yellow Jersey Website:

Submit an accidental damage claim  
Submit a race fee claim  
Submit a bicycle theft from transition claim  

You can cover your bikes for every ride, race or trip with an annual policy.

British Triathlon members can save up to 20% on a bicycle and travel insurance policies or 25% if they qualify to race in an age group team. For your code, log in to the member’s area on British Triathlon’s website.

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