Cargo bike Insurance

We offer comprehensive cargo bike insurance to protect your cargo bike from theft and damage, alongside third party liability, legal expenses, and personal accident for the rider.

We are convinced that cargo bikes are the future of transport and mobility for our urban areas, so much so, we already have three between our small team.

In cities, trips are often short but congested, and a cargo bike can easily replace a car for the weekly shop, deliveries, and even dropping the kids off at school. As we are adjusting to the new restrictions of social distancing, many more people are seeing the benefits of cycling, and cargo bikes are looking likely to fill the gap between public transport and private cars.

Cargo bikes come at a high price point, however, and represent a big investment for most of us. This is particularly true if you are looking to give up your car completely. Our cargo bike insurance is competitively priced and can provide the peace of mind you need. 

A cargo bike can be a big investment, especially if you are giving up your car. Make sure you protect it with a comprehensive cargo bike insurance policy.

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Which package should I take?

We have three tiers of insurance to cover different types of cyclists, but if you are riding a cargo bike, you're likely to be best off on our Essentials package. It includes all of the most important cargobike insurance features including theft, accidental damage and public liability, but excludes cover you're less likely to need like insurance outside of the UK, or cover while racing. If your cargo bike isn't your only bicycle, you can insure it on the same policy as your road bike, mountain bike, or electric bike, and make use of our 60% multi-bike discount.

Are you using your cargo bike for business?

We can help with that too, have a look at our information on courier insurance.

The Key Features

Cargo bikes bring a whole world of new and acciting accessories to cycling. On top of lights and racks, we see custom passenger seats, rain covers, extender bars and heavy-duty kickstand. Our policy includes £250 worth of accessories as standard, and you can increase this as needs-be.


Confidence and expertise are the cornerstones of Yellow Jersey, and we manage all of our claims in house. This means you can speak to our team directly, and our knowledgable team can help you with the repair or replacement of your cargo bike. We have relationships with some of the biggest cargo bike frame and component suppliers meaning we can source brands to be delivered to you directly. If your cargo bike is your primary mode of transport, you can’t afford to be waiting around for a claims team who don’t know their Bullitts from their Omniums.

Third Party Liability

We think third party liability is incredibly important while cycling, particularly for cargo bikes which tend to be heavier and less manoeuvrable. All of our policies include third party liability as standard, covering you up to £2 million with ZERO excess.


Just because your cargo bike is a few years old, this won’t make it any cheaper to replace. We understand that cargo bikes are specialist bits of kit, and if you bought yours several years ago, you need its full value insured in order to replace it. Most companies will reduce their settlement value based on the age of the bike, potentially leaving you out of pocket if it is stolen. We don’t do this.  The price you paid for your cargo bike is the price you should insure it for, and this is the value we will cover in case it is stolen or damaged.


There is a good chance your cargo bike isn’t your only bike. You can insure as many bikes as you like on the same policy, no matter if they are all cargo bikes, mountain bikes, or road bikes, and make use of our 60% multi-bike discount. You pay the full premium on the most expensive bicycle, and then get a 60% discount on each additional bike you add. Best of all, you can add all of your family’s bikes too.


You’re covered if your cargo bike is stolen either at home or while out and about, and with our family cover, you’re even safe if you’ve lent it to a member of your family, (as long as they live at your address).

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