Cycle Courier Insurance

Whether you have been making deliveries on your bike for years, or you’re trying to make the most of your time during the lockdown, you’ve probably thought about Bicycle Courier Insurance.

We provide three tiers of Bicycle Insurance, and our top tier “Ultimate” includes cover for theft and accidental damage while courier cycling.

This means if you are in an accident and your bicycle gets damaged, or if your bicycle is stolen while locked up outside a restaurant or customer’s property, we will cover your loss.

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Currently, only the accidental damage and theft sections of the Ultimate policy will apply while courier cycling. We are unable to cover your liability whilst performing deliveries.

If you own and operate a cycle courier company with multiple employees and bikes, please click the link below for a comprehensive business quote:


Cycle Courier Public Liability Insurance 

Do I need to get two separate policies if I work as a cycle courier?

While our Ultimate tier Bicycle Insurance policy will cover your bicycle for accidental damage and theft while working as a bicycle courier, it will only cover you for Third-Party Liability while riding for pleasure and racing. If you need Third-Party Liability cover while working as a cycle courier, you will need to purchase this as a separate commercial insurance policy. Cycle Courier Liability policies start from just £140 per year, and can be purchased by clicking the button above.

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