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Cyclocross is a sport that’s guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping, and its ongoing surge in popularity continues apace. Our specialist cyclocross insurance packages are designed to keep you covered while you ‘enjoy’ thrashing round in the mud.

Whether you plan to ride here in the UK or further afield, our insurance packages will keep you covered, as will the knowledge that you’re in good company.

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Which package should I take?

Each of our policies caters to a specific set of needs and offers a full suite of coverage, but Performance keeps you covered for 30 days traveling in Europe. This opens up countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the Czech Republic: all cyclocross hotbeds. It also covers single bikes worth up to £5,000. If you plan on racing, you'll need our Ultimate policy that covers you worldwide and bikes up to £15,000.

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If you’re into riding cyclocross it’s a fair guess that you’ll have a couple of other bikes in the shed too, so it’s great that all our bicycle insurance policies provide multi-bike discounts available across the board.

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In cyclocross races you fall off a lot. It’s just par for the course. That’s why we’ve designed our cycle travel insurance policies to cover all the usual areas - emergency medical care, repatriation, journey cancellation – so you can enjoy riding abroad worry-free.

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Our health insurance covers you if you fall ill in UK, providing a broader range of options for treatment locations and scheduling compared to the NHS. This includes faster, more convenient access to treatment.

The Key Features

If you want to take advantage of the rich selection of cyclocross events outside the UK. Our Performance package covers travel and cycling in Europe for 30 days. Ultimate gives you 120 in Europe and 120 worldwide.


Cyclocross is famed for its bumps and rough terrain, so you’ll want to know that your gear is covered as well as your bike. £250 of accessory cover is included as standard in our policies, with optional helmet and clothing cover, and optional additional wheelset insurance in our Performance and Ultimate.


Confidence and expertise are the cornerstone of Yellow Jersey, so we supervise our claims service from our HQ. Our agents will process claims quickly and efficiently, getting you back on the road – or mud-covered circuit – as quickly as possible.


Our Ultimate bicycle insurance package covers you when competing in cyclocross events, so if you’re planning to switch from casual riding to competition, we’ve got you covered. £500 of race entry fee coverage is also provided in our Ultimate package.


We’ll replace or repair stolen or damaged items on a new-for-old basis – so you don’t lose out – and we also offer a 25% renewal discount whether you’ve claimed with us in the previous year or not.


You probably don’t use the same bike to race ‘cross as you do to run errands or commute, and you might even have a second cyclocross bike for speedy pit-stops, which is why we offer a generous 60% discount on subsequent bikes insured on a policy.


You’re covered if your cyclocross bike is stolen either at home or while out and about, and with our family cover you’re even safe if you’ve lent it to a member of your family, (as long as they live at your address).

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