Electric Scooter Insurance

With a change in the law likely, we are about to see a lot more e-scooters on our city streets providing a much-needed alternative to public transport and private car use.

With a greater number of electric scooters, there is going to be a need for an e-scooter insurance policy to protect riders.

Do WE provide ELECTRIC Scooter Insurance Policies?

We don’t provide electric scooter insurance yet, we have to wait for the law to change. Our background providing liability insurance for cyclists, however, means we are exactly the people you want when electric scooter insurance becomes available.

We can let you know when e-scooter liability insurance policies are available, just pop your email address in the box below. We’re not going to send you any newsletters or offers, just a friendly note when e-scooter liability policies are ready.



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What is electric scooter Liability Insurance?

E-scooter liability insurance will cover the rider financially in the event they injure a pedestrian or damage somebody's property. Currently, e-scooters aren't recognised by the law in the UK, and as a result, are treated as a motor vehicle. This means riding an e-scooter on UK roads is illegal if it is not registered, and the rider doesn't have an appropriate licence and insurance. The Government is working to put through legislation which changes this and makes it legal to ride e-scooters on public roads, with similar regulation to electric bicycles. Just like a bicycle or e-bike, e-scooters pose a very small risk to other road users compared to a car or van.  As a result, it is unlikely the government will make electric scooter insurance mandatory. The risk of a collision with a pedestrian remains, however, and anyone riding an electric scooter should seriously consider protecting themselves with an e-scooter insurance policy.  

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