Electric Bike Insurance

Our electric bicycle insurance policies have been designed to provide fellow cyclists with reliable, comprehensive cover when riding in the UK and abroad.

Whether it’s a way to rediscover cycling after a long time off the bike, or a great way into the sport for a newbie – e-bikes offer a healthy dose of fun and freedom. Of course, all that enjoyment comes at a price and a new electric bicycle can be a significant investment. Annoyingly though, they can’t always be insured through a household policy. That’s why we designed our e-bike policy from the ground up to accommodate the everyday needs of electric bicycle riders.


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Why do I need specialist Electric Bike Insurance?

Most home insurers won’t cover electric bikes and electric bicycles valued over £1,000 (which is most of them) can be especially difficult to get covered. Given the amazing things e-bikes can do, we felt it was high time someone offered a proper insurance product for their owners.

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We offer three different options for electric bike insurance, but believe our Performance package to be the best-suited to most. It’s for enthusiastic riders who rack up the miles, and covers electric bikes worth up to £3000 each.

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Heading off on holiday with your electric bicycle? We offer separate Travel Insurance to cover medical mishaps so you can happily explore the local area, without worrying what’ll happen should things go wrong.

The Key Features

If you have a mechanical problem and can’t get home, we’ll cover the cost of a cab – up to £150.


You’ll be covered for claims up to £2M, with zero excess. Any third-party costs are covered, be it damage to someone’s property or a collision with a pedestrian, or fellow cyclist. Our third party is valid everywhere except for North America (including Canada).


Making a thief’s job harder is the best way to put them off, which is why we give you a free DNA+ bicycle security marking kit worth £36 with all policies to use on your electric bicycle.


Whether your electric bicycle is stolen from home, work or elsewhere you’re covered. You’re even covered if you lend it to a member of your family who lives with you.


We offer everyone a renewal discount whether they’ve made a claim with us or not. More importantly, claiming with us won’t push up your home insurance premiums.


We understand how painful it can be when things go wrong with your bike because we’re cyclists too – it’s why we closely supervise our customer-driven claims process. Your claims and queries will be processed quickly and efficiently.


Our cover is valid wherever you choose to take your E-bike. We cover theft and even damage to the bike if you take a tumble abroad. Our Ultimate package includes worldwide cover for up to 120 days, while Performance covers your for up to 30 days in Europe.


We will always replace damages with an equivalent new bicycle, or pay for the full repair costs. We don’t ‘devalue’ your bikes after any period of time.


All of our bicycle insurance packages cover you for physio, dental and permanent injury.


We offer a 60% multi-bike discount on all additional bikes, that means the whole family’s bikes on a single policy. Insure up to £3000 worth of bikes on Essentials cover, £10,000 on Performance cover, and £50,000 on Ultimate cover.

Our Essentials level Bicycle Insurance is only valid within the UK. Please note that due to regulation, we are currently unable to insure electric bikes in Northern Ireland

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