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Our electric bike insurance covers all of the essentials as standard: third-party liability, legal expenses, theft, and accidental damage.

Family cover is included so all the e-bikes in your household can be on the same policy, and we’ll apply a 60% multi-bike discount.

We also think e-bike riders are less risky than some of our other customers, so we give an extra 30% discount on electric bikes.

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Do I need specialist Electric Bike Insurance?

Most electric bikes retail for £1000 or more, meaning E-bike cover on a home insurance policy either isn’t available or comes with a lot of restrictions. There is almost always an extra cost if you want to cover your electric bike for theft away from home, and important features like third-party liability or accidental damage usually aren't covered at all.

As a specialist bicycle insurer, we provide cover against theft, accidental damage and third-party liability for E-bikes.

Most ebike riders take out our "Essentials" policy. Yellow Jersey started as a very racy brand (and enthusiasts still love our products), so we added the Essentials tier to make sure commuters and leisure cyclists weren't paying for loads of extras they didn't want or need.

If you love taking your electric bikes on holiday with you, our "Performance" tier of insurance extends our cover for your e-bikes to Europe.

If there are several people in your family riding electric bikes, you can add them all to the same policy and make use of our generous 60% multi-bike discount. Electric bikes benefit from an additional 30% discount because our stats show you're more careful with your bikes!

Our policies have very high-value limits (£15,000 per bicycle), so we can accommodate every electric bicycle, tricycle, and electric cargo bike on the market.

Lots of customers ask us about battery protection. Electric bike batteries are valuable, and sometimes these will be targeted while the rest of the bike is left behind. If your ebike battery has a key locking mechanism and this is broken during a theft, the battery is covered under our vandalism protection.

Many riders overlook liability insurance while comparing electric bike insurance policies. We think it is one of the most important features for a rider to have which is why we include it in all policies as standard, and don't offer it as a "upsell" with additional premium. If you hit a pedestrian or another road user's property while riding a heavy e-bike at 15.5mph, there is a possibility of causing significant damage. We will cover your liability up to £2 million.

If you are insuring an electric bike with us, it must comply with UK law. This means the assistance is restricted to 15.5 mph, the motor only assists while pedalling (no throttles!), and it is not subject to the Road Traffic Act. We won't cover bicycles which have been converted to electric power post-sale, and any modification to remove speed limiters will void the insurance.  This policy is not suitable for any form of electric motorbike or moped. Bicycles only, please!

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We offer three different tiers of cover if you are looking for electric bike insurance, but believe our Essentials package to be the best option for most. It covers third party liability, alongside theft and accidental damage in the UK while saving you money by excluding cover outside of the UK and cycling events.

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Heading off on holiday with your electric bicycle? We offer separate Cycle Travel Insurance to cover medical mishaps, so you can happily explore the local area without worrying what’ll happen should things go wrong.

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Our health insurance covers you if you fall ill in UK, providing a broader range of options for treatment locations and scheduling compared to the NHS. This includes faster, more convenient access to treatment.

The Key Features

Electric bikes can be difficult to repair on your own. Electric motors make it challenging to remove wheels, and e-bike batteries can fail. If your E-bike has a mechanical problem while out and about and you can’t get home, we’ll cover the cost of a taxi up to £150.


Third-party liability for electric bicycles is essential. All of our electric bike insurance policies included £2M in public liability cover with zero excess. Any third-party costs are covered, be it damage to someone’s property, or a collision with a pedestrian or fellow cyclist.


Every electric bicycle insurance policy comes with a free DNA+ marking kit worth £36, which consists of a transparent, coded fluid registered to you, and a set of warning stickers. The DNA+ kit will prove a bicycle is stolen, increasing the risk to a would-be thief considerably, and act as a strong deterrent. The DNA+ also

Electric Bike Discount

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that our electric bike riders tend to be less risky than the racers and mountain bikers. You might be surprised to hear that we pass the savings on claims straight back to our customers! If you add an electric bike (or bikes) to your quote, we’ll apply a 30% discount to the premium. This will stack on top of our multi-bike discount. The result is you get a fairer price for your insurance and you don’t end up subsidising our high-octane customers.


We rarely offer discounts to new customers, saving our best offers to reward existing policyholders. We offer everyone a renewal discount of 25% on their insurance, regardless of whether they’ve made a claim with us or not. We don’t use “no claims bonuses” to discourage you from making a claim when you need to and have a simple, low excess on claims. Our excess on e-bike claims is 10%, capped at £100.


We understand how painful it can be when things go wrong with your bike because we’re cyclists too.  All of our e-bike claims are handled in-house by a team of experts. Primarily recruited out of jobs in bicycle retail, our claims handlers stay up to date with the electric bike market and can deal directly with suppliers and local bike shops to repair or replace your electric bicycle as quickly as possible.


While some of our customers just need cover in the UK, many electric bike riders with Yellow Jersey policies are looking to take their bikes to Europe for cycling holidays. Our Essentials tier will cover your e-bike in the UK only, our Performance tier will cover your bike in Europe for up to 30 days at a time, and our Ultimate tier will cover your bike worldwide for up to 120 days.


We don’t ‘devalue’ your bikes after any period, meaning if you paid £1500 for your electric bicycle five years ago, that’s what we’ll cover it for today.


All of our bicycle insurance packages include cover you for physio, dental and permanent injury.


We can provide insurance for all of your bicycles (electric or not) on a single policy. We offer a 60% multi-bike discount on each additional bike, and you can add your whole family to the same insurance policy.


Claims for electric bikes on home insurance are usually limited to your home. We cover theft and accidental damage while out and about, with higher tiers even covering your electric bikes abroad. You can lock your electric bike up at the shops without worrying about theft, and ride your ebike without worrying about accidental damage.

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