Mountain bike insurance to cover your bikes and kit in the UK and abroad.

Get cover for all the essentials including crash damage, theft, liability & legal expenses; or upgrade to our Performance or Ultimate tiers for events and racing.

Available as an annual policy if you need cover all year round, or insure your mountain bike for just a single trip. 60% multi-bike discount.

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Why do I need mountain bike insurance?

Finding a comprehensive mountain bike insurance policy can be tricky, particularly if you are trying to cover your bikes through home insurance.

We know mountain bikers regularly travel to bike parks across the UK, and covering mountain bike theft from vehicles is essential.

Flying to mountain bike resorts in the Alps or further afield means you likely need cover for your mountain bikes and bike boxes in transit.

Challenging yourself on difficult trails comes with a risk of crashing, and accidental damage cover means you can ride freely and confidently.

We've designed our mountain bike insurance policies to cover all of these risks and much more besides.

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We offer three separate packages to suit different types of mountain bikers, but we find our middle-tier 'Performance' cover is a good fit for most.

The Performance policy insures your mountain bike against accidental damage (including crash damage while riding) with an individual bike limit of £5,000 and a total bike limit of £15,000. Your bikes will be covered against theft if stolen from a locked car or van, as well as from your secure garage, house or flat. If you're travelling out to Morzine for a holiday with your mountain bike, it will be covered against damage by the airline while in a proper bike box or bag. All of the cover you'd have in the UK is extended to Europe for up to 30 days. Your mountain bike will be covered against theft from a hotel room, and against damage on the trails.

If you’re travelling outside Europe, need cover abroad for more than 30 days, or are competing on your mountain bike, the Ultimate package is for you. This keeps you covered while racing in MTB events, and boosts the single bike coverage to £15,000.

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Keep your mountain bike covered whatever the trail throws at it, and enjoy the freedom to ride hard and fast. Enjoy the freedom of adrenalin-soaked downhill, enduro epics and easy days of all-mountain exploration.

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Our mountain bike insurance has your bike covered, and we can cover you too. Riding MTB has its own set of risks, not all of which are covered on generic travel insurance policies (in fact some specifically exclude it). We’ve designed our travel insurance for mountain bikers to cover you against medical mishaps wherever your passion for thrashin’ takes you.

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Our health insurance covers you if you fall ill in UK, providing a broader range of options for treatment locations and scheduling compared to the NHS. This includes faster, more convenient access to treatment.

The Key Features

With mountain biking, it’s a case of go hard or go home. You’ve spent money on a bike that can handle being ridden hard, so you deserve to enjoy it. Should the trail cause any damage to your bike, or should you take a spill, our policies have got you covered.


Airports can be risky places for bikes. Luggage handlers don’t always appreciate the value of the machines they’re chucking through the air, and expensive equipment can get damaged. Our Performance and Ultimate package cover your mountain bikes for any damage while in the care of airlines, letting you fly in comfort. Upgrading to an Ultimate policy will add emergency bike hire. If you arrive in the Alps and find your mountain bike is unrideable, we’ll cover the cost of a hire bike so you don’t miss out on any riding.


If something happens to your mountain bike, we want to make the claims process as quick and easy as possible. We know that the only way to give a great service is to handle all of our bike claims in-house, and hire the best people to look after them.  All of our mountain bike claims are handled in our office by a team of bicycle experts. We have recruited primarily out of bike shops, and keep our claims handlers up to date with all of the latest mountain bike gear. This means our team and can deal directly with suppliers and local bike shops to repair or replace your mountain bike as quickly as possible.


Our Ultimate package covers your bike anywhere in the world for 120 days, giving you access to the best trails around the globe. If you’re just riding in Europe, coverage is offered in the Performance package for 30 days. The UK has some great trails, but you’ll find the best abroad.


Most mountain bikers aren’t starting their ride from their front door, but driving out to local trails or larger mountain bike parks in the countryside. Our policies are designed with this in mind, and both the Performance and Ultimate tiers include cover against theft if your bikes are stolen from locked vehicles, or while locked to a roof rack. So go, explore, and ride where the best trails are!


Mountain bike racing can be a risky pursuit, but with our Ultimate policy, you’re free to compete in any discipline confident in the knowledge that your bike is in safe hands. This includes downhill and enduro, both commonly excluded on other mtb insurance policies.


We cover third party claim costs of up to £2M on all of our policies, and there’s no excess to pay. This includes damage to property, costs associated with collisions with pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. This is valid everywhere except for North America (including Canada).

Racing is only covered on our Ultimate Bicycle Insurance policy

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