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For club rides and sportives, holidays on the continent or MTB trail riding, Yellow Jersey’s Performance Bicycle Insurance package is designed for the enthusiast cyclist. This package is aimed at riders who enter events and ride mid-range bikes, and perhaps own more than one. It also covers your bike against theft and damage in Europe and while in transit.

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Performance Bicycle Insurance is designed to provide all the cover an enthusiast rider needs, without making you pay for extras like racing or worldwide cover if you're not using them.

With a total bike value of £50,000, you can insure a small fleet of bicycles should you so wish. If you have a commuter, a mountain bike for weekends, and a road bike for the occasional sportive, this policy is perfect for you. What's more you can take your bike to Europe too. There's no such thing as too many bikes (N+1 right?) or too much cycling kit. Our Performance package includes £250 worth of accessories as standard with the option to increase this if needed. It also offers optional bolt-ons to cover helmets, clothing and wheelsets. With that amount of cover, you’re free to enjoy cycling without worrying about theft or damage to equipment getting in your way. At Yellow Jersey we are proud of our insurance packages and believe that the Performance bicycle insurance package fulfils the needs of those who see cycling as a hobby worth investing time and money in, rather than just a leisure activity.

The Key Features
Cover in Europe

There is some incredible cycling to be found outside the UK, especially in Europe. Our Performance package lets you enjoy excellent cycling on the continent for up to 30 days.

Theft home and away

Our insurance policies cover theft whether it occurs at home or away, and even covers you against theft while your bike is being used by someone in your family, as long as the live in your household.

DNA+ security marking

Each of our policies includes a free DNA+ bicycle security marking kit, worth £36. This allows you to mark your bike, helping to identify it should it get stolen.

Zero depreciation

We don’t devalue bikes after any period of time, so the price you paid when you bought your bike is the price we’ll insure it for now. This means that even if the exact make and model isn’t available, you’ll be able to find something that is a proper equivalent.

Physio and dental cover

Our Performance package has you covered for up to £500 of physiotherapy and dental work if you injure yourself during an accident on your bike. Don’t let risk of injury put you off of riding, but always ride safe!

Sportives and charity events

Not all bicycle insurance packages cover you for events. Our Performance package is for riders who want to enter sportives and charity events, and the coverage includes accidental damage and injury suffered while participating.

Theft from vehicle and cover in transit

Sometimes to get to the best riding you have to do a bit of driving. Our Performance bicycle insurance policy covers against theft of your bike while secured in a vehicle, giving you peace of mind while out and about. Cover is also provided when your bike is in the care of an airline during transit.

£100 maximum excess

Excesses on claims are 10% of the total claim value or £100, whichever is lowest. We don’t want you to be out of pocket if you have to make a claim.

£250 accessory cover as standard

We include £250 worth of accessories cover as standard, with the option to add more if needed. If your accessories are stolen or damaged at the same time as your bike, you can add them to your claim.

Renewal discount

We are proud to offer a 25% renewal discount for policies, as we value the loyalty of our customers. You even get the discount if you’ve claimed in the last year.

Permanent injury

Our Performance package covers you for up to £15,000 in the case of permanent injury. If something untoward happens while riding, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to get yourself back on track.

Accidental damage

Our Performance bicycle insurance package covers your bike from accidental damage, whether this happens while riding or while your bike is left locked up somewhere.

£5,000 limit per bike

Performance insures individual bikes up to a £5,000 limit, with a combined limit of £30,000 across the policy. This means that mid-range bikes are covered, so even if you’re taking your riding beyond leisure and commuting, you can ride easy.

Vandalism cover

If someone decides to senselessly vandalise your bike, we’ve got you covered. We know from experience that there’s nothing as soul-crushing as your bicycle being damaged for no reason.

Optional helmet and clothing cover, and wheelsets

If you’re taking out our Performance package, odds are you’ll want to cover your helmet and clothing too. This is an optional extra on all of our insurance packages, as is insurance for additional wheelsets. While clothing can only be claimed for as part of a claim for your bike, not in isolation, you can claim for damage to your wheels separately to the bike.

Family cover and multi-bike discount

If you take part in events and commute, odds are you’ll have more than one bike. Our Performance Bicycle Insurance package offers a 60% discount on each subsequent bike insured on a policy, meaning that your bikes and your family’s bikes can all be kept covered

Please note, our Performance package excludes race cover. If you need insurance for racing, have a look at our Ultimate Bicycle Insurance



Designed for enthusiasts who ride regularly and might travel abroad for training or events.

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Our Performance package lets you ride in the UK and Europe safe in the knowledge that your bike is protected against damage and theft, including while in transit and while secured in a vehicle.