Road Bike Insurance

Our road bike insurance policies have been designed to provide fellow road cyclists with reliable and comprehensive cover, when riding in the UK and abroad.

Whether you’re cycling with friends or training for a triathlon, road bikes offer both fun and freedom. Of course, all of this enjoyment comes at a cost and a new road bike can be a significant investment. Importantly, your road bike can’t always be insured adequately through your household insurance. That’s why we design our road bike policies from the ground up, accommodating the everyday needs of all road bike riders.   


Enjoy the freedom of your road bike with greater peace of mind - get a quick quote by clicking below, or keep reading on for more information.

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Why do I need specialist bike insurance?

The simple answer is because standard policies are often inadequate when you read the small print. Our road bike insurance covers your equipment from theft to crash damage when riding or training worldwide.

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Across three packages, our Bicycle Insurance covers your equipment from theft to crash damage, along side numerous other benefits as standard, we have you covered with annual or short term policies.

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Cycling overseas for an organised event, race, or bit of training is seen as a big risk by the travel insurers, but we’ve got you covered from a couple hours of riding on a family holiday to the Ironman Champs.

The Key Features

Crash damage is likely to be excluded on your home insurance and almost certainly if you’re competing. With Yellow Jersey, you’re covered.


Cover for up to £2m is included in all our policies because we want you to feel confident you are fully covered, whatever happens.


All of our Bike Insurance packages cover you for physio, dental and permanent injury.


Whether your bike is stolen from home, work or elsewhere, you’re covered – even if you lend it to a member of your family who lives with you.


Because we know you care about more than just your road bike, we include £250 of accessories cover in all of our policies.


Making a thief’s job harder is the best way to put them off, which is why we give you a free DNA+ bicycle security marking kit worth £36 with all policies.


We will always replace damages with an equivalent new bike, or pay for the full repair costs. We don’t ‘devalue’ your bikes after a period of time.


Worldwide cover for you and your bicycle. If you love winter training camps abroad, we have you covered.


We offer everyone a 25% renewal discount whether they’ve made a claim with us or not. More importantly, claiming with us won’t push up your home insurance premiums.

Covered in our Ultimate policy only.

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