SportActive offers all its riders 10% discount off any Yellow Jersey bicycle or travel insurance policy bought from them.

If you’re travelling overseas with your bicycle it is really important to make sure you have the correct insurance to cover you for repatriation and medical expenses.   Cycling is often excluded from many travel policies.  If you already have insurance check that you are insured to cycle overseas when it is the primary reason for the trip.

The Yellow Jersey policy covers all the important essentials and additional ones aimed at cyclists.  Use the code SportActive in the discount box on the quote page.

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Bicycle insurance is also available from Yellow Jersey which will cover the bike for theft, crash damage and liability.  It is tiered for the type and frequency of the cycling you do. It’ll cover road, mountain, gravel and eBikes on short or annual policies.  If you’re hiring a bike while away they’ll do that too.

If you have any questions, call the dedicated UK based team on 0333 003 0046

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Our health insurance covers you if you fall ill in UK, providing a broader range of options for treatment locations and scheduling compared to the NHS. This includes faster, more convenient access to treatment.

The Key Features
Bicycle Experts

If you need to make a bicycle insurance claim, you won’t be read a script by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Our customer-driven claims process is managed completely in house, meaning knowledge and expertise are guaranteed.


With a Yellow Jersey Bicycle Insurance policy, we do not charge you extra at renewal even if you’ve made a claim. We give all our customers a 25% discount at renewal.


We offer a 60% multi-bicycle discount on all additional pedal cycles, a single policy can be used for up to £50,000 combined bicycle value.


Crash damage is likely excluded on your home insurance and almost certainly if you’re competing. With Yellow Jersey’s bicycle insurance you’re covered.


Making a thief’s job harder is the best thing you can do to protect your bicycle, which is why we give you a free DNA+ bicycle security marking kit worth £36 with your policy. The forensic marking kit will prove your bike is stolen property if taken by a thief, and acts as a strong deterrent.


We’ll make sure everything is up to scratch if your bicycle is damaged through vandalism.


Whether your bicycle is stolen from home, work or elsewhere you’re covered – even if you lend your bicycle to a member of your family who lives with you.


We do not devalue bicycles after any period of time. The price you paid for your bicycle is the price we will insure it for, and we will always replace damages with an equivalent new version or pay for the full repair costs.


All of our Bicycle Insurance packages cover you for Physio, Dental and Permanent injury.


Yellow Jersey are the official supplier to the British Triathlon Federation and Cycling UK and insure the bike of pro riders across all disciplines.

Whilst crash damage is covered across the board, Racing is not covered in either the Essentials or Performance packages

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