Track cycling is a source of much national pride here in the UK, with Team GB a dominant global force. We are proud to include Team Wiggins, a hotbed for young track racing talent, among our customers – so you can rest assured that the bicycle insurance packages we have created are fit for purpose.

Whether you’re a casual track rider (we enjoy the occasional lap of the Herne Hill velodrome in London ourselves), in training, or competing at a higher level, our packages will cover you and your bike.


We keep track of other insurers’ policies to ensure we offer the best: get a quick and easy quote by clicking below, or keep reading on for more info about our policy.

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Why insure a track bike with Yellow Jersey?

We love cycling and pride ourselves on understanding what track cyclists need. Every one of our packages offers an excellent range of cover, tweakable to suit the amount, type and frequency of riding you do.

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Track bikes may be simple machines, but the ones at the top-end of the market also carry a hefty price tag. We designed our track cycling insurance to protect your bike from all eventualities.

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There are some good velodromes in the UK, but with our travel insurance policy you have the freedom to explore further afield. We’ll cover you for emergency medical care, repatriation, cancellations and much more. Now go book a flight to Milano and take a spin round the Vigorelli.

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Our health insurance covers you if you fall ill in UK, providing a broader range of options for treatment locations and scheduling compared to the NHS. This includes faster, more convenient access to treatment.

The Key Features

Our Ultimate tier track cycling insurance policy will cover you for events for competition, be it in your local track league or amature competition overseas. Speak to us if you need cover as a professional track rider and we will help you out.


Travel safe in the knowledge that your bike is covered for the whole trip, including the journeys there and back. Should notoriously reckless luggage handlers damage your pride-and-joy, we’ll get it fixed. And if you take a tumble when riding in exotic lands, you’re in safe hands.


Our Ultimate bicycle insurance policy covers each single bicycle on the policy for up to £15000, meaning that even your most hallowed machine is protected should it come to unexpected harm.


Track cycling is fast, frenetic and – unfortunately – can sometimes lead to crashes. All our policies include physio and dental cover, as well as permanent injury.


We’re fully aware that your track bike probably isn’t your only bike. When your track bike is under lock and key and you’re using your burner, you can rest assured knowing that all your bikes are covered thanks to our generous 60% discount for subsequent bikes on the same policy


We offer everyone a renewal discount whether they’ve made a claim with us or not. More importantly, claiming with us won’t push up your home insurance premiums.


It’s unlikely you’ll take just your bike when you hit the track. Our policies all include £250 accessory cover with the option for more, along with optional additional cover for your helmet and clothing and race wheels.


We supervise the customer service-driven claims process from the Yellow Jersey head office, so our confidence and expertise are present throughout the process. If you need to make a claim, it will be dealt with swiftly and professionally.


Taking an expensive bike out and about can be daunting, especially if your insurance policy has gaps or limitations around bicycles. That’s why all of our policies cover against accidental damage, vandalism and theft at or away from home. Our Performance and Ultimate packages also cover against theft from vehicle.


You’ll be covered for claims up to £2M, with zero excess. Any third-party costs are covered, be it damage to someone’s property or a collision with a pedestrian, or fellow cyclist. Our third party is valid everywhere except for North America (including Canada).

Cover is restricted to the UK with our Essentials cover

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