Travel Insurance Claims


In the event of any medical emergency or hospital treatment abroad, please contact our 24-hour emergency number on +44 (0)20 8603 9485

Our 24-hour emergency number is managed by Allianz Assistance. On contacting Allianz, please mention you are insured with Yellow Jersey and quote the reference number 7409TVL 12/21

Please contact Allianz immediately about any serious illness or accident abroad where you have to go into hospital or where you may have to return home
early, or extend your stay, because of any illness or injury. If you are unable to do this because the condition is life, limb, sight or organ
threatening, you should contact Allianz as soon as you can. You must also contact Allianz if your medical expenses are over £500. If you are claiming for a
minor illness or accident you should, where possible, pay the costs initially and reclaim the money later. You can call the emergency number 24 hours a day
365 days a year or email.


For all other claims, please contact +44 (0)1702 553 443

Our non emergency claims are managed by Claims Settlement Agencies (CSAL).

To submit a claim online please go to:
Alternatively you can download a claim form at: or you can
Write to: Claims Settlement Agencies 308-314 London Road, Hadleigh, Essex SS7 2DD


You will need to provide certain information to enable a claim to be fully assessed. This information will vary depending on which section of cover the insured person is claiming under. Examples of the types of information we will need are given below, but there may be other evidence required. Further details are given within each section of cover listed in this policy, and our claims handlers will tell the you exactly what information he/she needs to give  them in relation to his/her own claim.

Unless we agree to pay for any information, for example a medical examination (which you must agree to undergo if required), the information will need to be provided at your own expense.

Medical certificates A medical certificate from the treating doctor or a consultant specialising in a relevant field explaining why you required medical attention, was unable to travel, forced to cancel, extend, cut short or forfeit any pre-arranged plans or paid for activities, or rearrange any travel plans.
Police (or other authority) reports A report from the local police or other relevant authority in the country where the incident occurred confirming dates, circumstances and further details of the loss, theft, attempted theft, mugging, damage, quarantine, lawful or unlawful detention.
Travel tickets and baggage tags All travel tickets (including any unused travel tickets) and baggage tags.
Receipts, bills, valuations and proof of ownership An original receipt, valuation or proof of ownership for items, currency or documents of any kind lost, stolen, damaged, repaired, replaced, purchased or hired as emergency temporary replacements. Receipts or bills for any costs incurred for in-patient/out-patient treatment, telephone calls, emergency dental treatment, transport, accommodation, hospital or medical costs and any other charges or expenses which are to be considered as part of a claim.
Confirmation letters, reports, invoices and notices Confirmation of the loss, delay, failure, cancellation or circumstance leading to the claim in the form of a letter, invoice, report or notice of cancellation from (as appropriate) your tour operator or their representative, airline, baggage handler, service provider, retailer, hotel or accommodation provider, emergency service, commanding officer, event organiser, public transport provider or relevant authority.
Death certificates For any claim involving the death of you or any related party the original death certificate will be required.