Travel Insurance Claims: policies purchased before July 01 2019

The following claims numbers are for customers who purchased before the 1st of July 2019. If you purchased after the 1st of July, we have a different team of claims handlers to look after you. Just click the back button to see our other claims options. You can also find all of the claims information in your policy documents.

24 Hour Medical Emergencies

 In the event of any medical emergency or hospital treatment abroad, please contact our 24 hour emergency number on +44 (0) 1273 624 661

Our 24 hour emergency number is managed by Mayday Assistance. On contacting Mayday Assistance, please mention you are insured through ASUA Ltd and have a “Yellow Jersey” policy.

Travel Claims Helpline

For all other claims, please contact +44 (0) 208 667 1600

Our non emergency claims are managed by Rightpath Claims. On contacting Rightpath Claims, please quote:

Scheme name: Yellow Jersey 

Scheme Reference: A02638

Important Notes

You, or the insured person, must contact Mayday Assistance as soon as possible in the case of a serious medical emergency abroad where you or they will or may need to stay in hospital, have hospital treatment or other emergencies, for example the need to change travel arrangements and return home because a close relative has become seriously ill.
When calling Mayday Assistance for help, please provide the following information:

  • The policy number (shown on your Validation Certificate) and your name.
  • The insured person’s name and the address they are staying at.
  • The phone number you, or the insured person, are calling from.
  • The nature of the emergency.
  • The name and phone number of the doctor and hospital treating the insured person.

Not contacting Mayday Assistance, or not following their instructions, could affect your claim. Mayday Assistance must agree, beforehand, any emergency travel expenses involving air travel. If it is not possible for you or the insured person to make contact with Mayday Assistance before hospital admission or before medical expenses are incurred because emergency treatment is required, contact must be made as soon as possible.

Private medical treatment is not covered in countries where reciprocal health agreements entitle an insured person to benefit from public health care arrangements unless authorised specifically by Mayday Assistance. Mayday Assistance has the medical expertise, contacts and facilities to help should an insured person be injured in an accident or fall ill. Mayday Assistance will also arrange transport home when this is considered to be medically necessary or when an insured person is told about the illness or death of a close relative or a close business associate at home.

Payment for medical treatment abroad

If an insured person is admitted to a hospital/clinic while abroad, Mayday Assistance will arrange for medical expenses covered by the insurance to be paid direct to the hospital/clinic. To take advantage of this benefit:

  • Someone must contact Mayday Assistance for the insured person as soon as possible;
  • Beware of requests for an insured person to sign for excessive treatment or charges. If an insured person is in doubt, he/she should call Mayday Assistance for guidance and authorisation of costs.

For out-patient treatment costing less than £200, it is recommended that the insured person pays the hospital/clinic themselves and claims back medical expenses from us on the insured person’s return to his/her home area.

You or any other insured person must report any other, non emergency claims as soon as possible, preferably within 31 days of any incident which may lead to a claim under this insurance. Also, an insured person must contact our claims handlers as soon as he/she finds out about any condition or circumstances which may cause a trip to be cancelled or cut short. If an insured person needs to make a claim, please contact our claims handlers Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (GMT)