Whether you’re a casual beginner or a seasoned athlete with a clutch of finisher’s medals hanging in your trophy case, our tailor-made triathlon insurance is designed for you. Our policies are informed by our partners, the British Triathlon Federation, to be perfectly suited to the needs of triathletes of all levels.

It isn’t often that amateur athletes get to take on the pros, but in triathlon they get to swim, bike and run the same course as their idols. It’s part of what makes triathlon unique.

Our triathlon insurance policies are informed by industry experts: get a quick and easy quote by clicking below, or keep reading on for more info about our policy.

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Our Triathlon Insurance policies are tailor-made to reflect the needs of all triathletes, and each covers against theft, vandalism and accidental damage. Our Ultimate policy also covers you while competing in triathlon events, with specific coverage for theft of your bike from transition zone.

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We understand that competing in triathlons often equates to investing in top quality equipment, so our triathlon policies all offer generous coverage against theft and damage. If anything should happen to your bike while training or competing, we’ve got you covered.

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The UK boasts some fantastic triathlon events, but some of the ones offered elsewhere in the world are really astounding. With our triathlete-friendly travel insurance, you are free to have fun and compete in events around the world without worrying.

The Key Features

Give yourself peace of mind while competing in triathlon events around the world with a triathlon insurance policy endorsed by the British Triathlon Federation.


Getting yourself and your bike to a triathlon event shouldn’t be a source of stress. Our Ultimate Triathlon Insurance package covers your bike and bike box end-to-end, including if it is stolen from a vehicle you are in charge of.


You’ll be covered for claims up to £2M, with zero excess. Any third-party costs are covered, be it damage to someone’s property or a collision with a pedestrian, or fellow cyclist. Our third party is valid everywhere except for North America (including Canada).


Our Ultimate policy covers single bicycles up to £15,000, meaning that your esteemed triathlon bicycle will be protected should anything happen to it. You shouldn’t have to compromise on what you ride for fear of damage or theft – and with our triathlon insuance policy you won’t have to.


It’s frustrating to train for an event only to be forced to pull out due to injury, but this frustration needn’t mean you lose out financially. If something prevents you from attending your triathlon event, we’ll cover you up to £500 for any non-refundable entry fees.


If you need to make a claim, you won’t be read a script by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Our customer-driven claims process is supervised centrally from the Yellow Jersey offices, meaning knowledge and expertise are guaranteed.


Triathlon events are targets for this particular kind of theft, but you shouldn’t have to worry about your bike while competing. Should venue or event security be compromised and your bike is stolen from the transition area, our Ultimate Triathlon Insurance policy will cover it. We’ll cover your bike in transition from up to 48 hours before your race starts.


Training for triathlons can be gruelling, if you do yourself a damage and need to seek treatment, our policies all include physio cover. The Ultimate policy covers up to £750 in physio costs.


We offer everyone a renewal discount whether they’ve made a claim with us or not. More importantly, claiming with us won’t push up your home insurance premiums.

Racing is only covered on our Ultimate tier Bicycle Insurance. Racing is excluded under the Perfomance and Essentials tiers

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