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Yellow Jersey’s Ultimate Cycle Insurance cover has been designed for cyclists that compete regularly in the UK and abroad in crits, triathlons or mountain bike races. We cover you for competition cancellations, bikes left in triathlon transition areas and your bike box too. We’ll even cover the named policy holder’s public liability whilst riding any bicycle. Everything is taken care of, which is why so many professional teams are among our customers.

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Ultimate Bicycle Insurance is a truly complete package, if you’re racing on the road, cyclo-cross, mountain bike or in a triathlon you’re covered.

Our Ultimate Bicycle Insurance policy has been designed to provide fellow cyclists with reliable, comprehensive cover when training, travelling and racing. With complete cover for your road bike (and any others including TT, MTB, CX etc) worldwide for crash damage, theft along side and numerous other benefits. As cyclists ourselves we spent a lot of time understanding the best approach to providing bicycle insurance for racers, sportive competitors and serious enthusiasts. Ultimate Bicycle insurance is a totally inclusive package, we know there are no compromises when taking care of your prized possession. We know only too well the level of investment you make in cycling, which is why we can cover your multiple bikes, spare deep section race wheels and power meter too. We cover crash damage, even if you’re competing — something home insurance almost certainly doesn’t. We cover you for competition cancellations, any valuable equipment left in triathlon transition areas and your bike box too. Ultimate Bicycle Insurance is a truly complete package, if you’re racing on the road, cyclo-cross, in a triathlon or a mountain bike race you’re covered.

The Key Features
Claims & Renewals

With a Yellow Jersey cycle insurance policy we do not charge you extra at renewal even if you’ve made a claim. We give all our customers a 25% renewal discount.


We offer a 60% multi-bicycle discount on all additional bikes, a single policy can be used for up to £50,000 combined bike value.

Crash Damage

Crash damage is likely excluded on your home insurance and almost certainly if you’re competing, with Yellow Jersey you’re covered.

DNA+ Security Marking

Making a thief’s job harder is the best you can do, which is why we give you a free DNA+ bicycle security marking kit worth £36 with your policy.

Handle The Vandals

We’ll make sure everything is up to scratch if your bike is damaged through vandalism.

Legal expenses

Up to £100,000 for the costs of legal expenses in the UK  if you need to make a claim against another road user regarding your uninsured losses, or
compensation for personal injury. There must be a reasonable prospect of success, and you must use our appointed advisors.

Home & Away

Whether your bike is stolen from home, work or elsewhere you’re covered — even if you lend your bike to a member of your family who lives with you.


Worldwide cover for you and your road bike. If you love winter training camps abroad we include cover for your road bike worldwide.

Zero depreciation

Just because you bought your bike a few years ago, doesn’t mean you should be out of pocket if it gets stolen. We don’t devalue bikes after any period of time, so the price you paid is the price you insure it for.


Our Ultimate package has you covered for up to £750 of physiotherapy and dental work if you injure yourself during an accident on your bike. Don’t let risk of injury put you off of riding, but always ride safe!

Public Liability Cover

Our policies include £2m public liability cover as standard, so if you are involved in a collision with a vehicle or pedestrian you are in safe hands. We waive the excess on public liability claims, too. On Ultimate, this extends to to any bike you ride, whether insured or not.

Tri Harder

While triathlon event organizers do what they can, there is a significant risk of theft of bikes from the transition area. Our policy specifically protects you against this risk, allowing “racking” up to 48 hours before your event.

Bike Box

Cover for owned or hired bike boxes up to £1000, including damage to the box and the bike when in an aircraft hold.


If you’re racing crits, doing the Paris-Roubaix or simply taking part in a local sportive we include this cover as standard.

Premium as Standard

We know how valuable your pride and joy is and we have no problem covering individual bikes up to £15k as standard.

Active Recovery

Our comprehensive cover even includes the cost of a taxi in the UK in the event of an accident or mechanical failing.



For cyclists who compete regularly in the UK and abroad in crits, triathlons or mountain bike races.

Maybe one of our other packages suits you more


Designed for enthusiasts who ride regularly and might travel abroad for training or events.


Our entry level package will protect your bike from the essentials, whether theft or damage in an accident.

Are you insured for travel?

Whilst our Ultimate Bicycle Insurance covers your bike worldwide, our cycle specific travel insurance covers you for emergency medical care and repatriation. It covers trip cancellation, medical expenses and repatriation, on top of lots of other features you’d expect from a standard travel insurer.

Bicycle and Travel insurance can be purchased on their own or together, for a full year or a single trip, giving you the ultimate comprehensive cover.