rcc ride insurance – making a claim

Yellow Jersey has arranged the insurance for RCC members however the claims are managed by an international claims management company – CEGA.

It’s very easy to submit a claim with CEGA and this can be done by clicking the button here:
Submit a claim  

If you are claiming under the personal accident section, you will be required to substantiate any injury claim by asking your doctor to complete a prescribed statement which can be downloaded below, this will also be available when completing the claims form.
Doctor Statement for Claims 


This Policy is a contract between The Master Policyholder (named in the Insurance Schedule) and Antares Syndicate 1274 at Lloyd’s (hereafter referred to as Us, Our, We).

For full details on the cover offered under the RCC group policy, have a look at the policy wording.
View Policy Wording  

Each individual member will be issued evidence of cover directly from the RCC via email, however, a sample can be viewed below.
Sample Evidence of Cover  

If you aren’t currently a member of the RCC and want to find out about the benefits of membership visit the RCC website HERE


If you live in the UK Yellow Jersey can cover your bikes for every ride, race or trip with an annual policy. Use the RCC discount code RAPHACC15 at the checkout for 15% off

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