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Bike Luggage Charges For Air Travel Infographic: Worldwide

Will Leedham | 8 months ago

Bike Luggage Charges For Air Travel: Worldwide

We had some great feedback on our bike luggage charges infographic, looking at the costs and restrictions for travelling with bikes in Europe. The only complaint was, “What about the rest of the world?” Well, since we’d already gone to the trouble of drawing nice pictures of aeroplanes, we thought we might as well do that too.

Click or tap on the continent you are planning to travel to, and a handy infographic will pop out comparing the prices and restrictions for travelling with bikes between the major airlines. Click the images as they appear for high res versions.

Want to embed this on your site? Just copy and paste the code below:

Most airlines only provide minimum compensation in the event a bicycle is damaged. Our bicycle insurance provides complete cover for your bike while it is transit, and we even cover your bike box at the same time.

And if you are riding abroad, we also provide Cycle Travel Insurance  to cover the costs of emergency medical care and repatriation in case you injure yourself, on top of all the usual things you would expect.


Will Leedham

| 8 months ago

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