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Henry Wadworth’s Penny Farthing

Ben Reeve | 12 months ago

I found this beautiful example of a penny farthing on a tour of the Wadworth Brewery in Devises. Henry Wadworth started the brewery in 1875 after spending 6 years learning his trade in London.

What is a penny farthing?

The penny farthing, also known as a high wheeler, has come to be one of the most iconic Victorian inventions. Its name comes from the front wheel resembling a large penny and the back wheel resembling a small farthing coin. It was gradually replaced by the so-called Safety Bicycle, which we now ride today.

Wadworth was also the first man to ride London-Bath, and he did it on a steel tyres bicycle with no saddle! No wonder he had no kids to pass the business on to!

Henry Wadworth's Penny Farthing

Ben Reeve

| 12 months ago

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