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How and When To Replace Road Bike Cleats

Ben Reeve | 2 years ago



How and When To Replace Road Bike Cleats - A photo of hex keys, grease, electrical tape, water spray and road bike shoes

00:00 – Introduction

00:38 – List of Tools

01:08 – Operation of Cleats

02:35 – What Does It Feel Like When Cleats Are Wearing Out?

02:55 – Preparing to Remove The Cleats

03:50 – Remove the Bolts

04:14 – Clean the Shoe Base

04:40 – Old vs New Cleat Comparison

05:05 – Grease the Bolts

05:52 – Replace the Bolts

06:40 – Re-align Cleats

07:00 – Secure the Bolts

07:40 – Summary

Ben Reeve

| 2 years ago

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