Combining multiple Garmin GPX/FIT files for upload to Strava


02.05.16 at 10:29 am

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You’re out on a ride, and pause your Garmin device to head into a cafe for a quick caffeine boost. You slip the device into your back pocket and hear the ‘bleep’. Nooooooo. “Why didn’t I switch it off?” you cry. Your oversized fingers have touched ‘save’ and your ride has headed into the abyss. It could be worse, it could be lost. You could have discarded it. But this is not a time for logic or reason. This ride will never count. Two 50km rides do not equal 1 ton. You’ll be a laughing stock, you may as well not have left the house today. If it ain’t on Strava it don’t count. We all know that. Ever had that disastrous moment!?

I hear you. Thankfully, there are people in the world like Brian Lucido. Brian runs an amazing website called This site has some amazing utilities for helping you fix files to upload to Strava.

This three minute video shows you how to use this site to combine Garmin GPX/TCX/FIT files to make one single ride that you can upload. PHEW!

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