Eco-Conscious Cycling Brands


04.01.18 at 9:15 am

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As the ‘green queen’ of the Yellow Jersey team I am encouraging all to be a bit kinder to the planet. But whether that means reducing your meat intake, recycling more diligently or cycling to work (we’re not going to teach you to suck eggs on that one!), it can sometimes be difficult to be more eco-friendly.

As part of our new regular feature ‘Green Jersey’ we’ve decided to help you out and picked our top eco friendly cycling brands. These brands are working hard to reduce their impact on the environment while still creating stylish and practical kit.


GRN is ethical, sustainable and produced right here in the UK, what could be better? GRN use items like recycled plastic bottles in their jerseys, rescued fishing nets from the ocean in their tri-suits and bamboo in their T-shirts, a plant which requires a lot less resources to grow. Invest in a jersey for yourself like their classic jersey (below), or you can kit out your whole club. The more, the merrier.



Vaude, have the goal of becoming ‘Europe’s most environmentally friendly outdoor brand’, what we love about Vaude is that they are also conscious of the people involved in their products. Good working conditions in their Myanmar facility is important to the brand and they are committed to helping introduce refugees into the company with jobs, training and support. Try this soft shell jacket to keep you warm and dry on the trails.


Howies is a small company from Wales providing clothing for day to day life as well as for cycling. High quality clothing that lasts longer, and needs less washing, is better for the environment (and fewer laundry rounds is a win for us, too). They are conscious of how the raw materials are sourced, using organic cotton and avoiding the unpleasant practise of mulesing to obtain their merino wool like in these arm warmers.


DannyShane, an American company, describe themselves as ‘cycling enthusiasts with a deep respect for nature’, using eco-friendly materials whenever possible. All their jerseys are made of their unique blend of recycled polyester and Bamboo White Ash which is the ideal material when you’re working up a sweat. It helps to to wick away moisture, reduce sweat odour and prevent discolouration, so your kit will stay looking and feeling newer for longer.

UPSO bags

UPSO bags where no two of these bags are the same, so you’re guaranteed to get a totally unique product. Their range of rucksacks and panniers are made from upcycled durable lorry tarp, edged with seat belt material and fire hose rubber. The bright designs are spacious and waterproof, perfect for any ride. 

Upso pannier


Green Oil products boast an impressive array of eco-warrior badges – biodegradable and non-toxic to avoid water pollution, free from PTFE and palm oils, and the bottles are made from recycled plastics. They still offer the same quality of cleaning as the market leaders but without the additional chemicals, so trying them out can only be a good thing.


VeloSkin skincare products are designed to protect your skin against the ever-changing British weather you encounter whilst cycling. The ingredients lists are stripped back to the simple essentials, meaning no added nasties like parabens, SLS’s, MCI’s and Methylisothiazolinone. A commitment to avoiding animal testing any of their products also earns a big tick.

The product reviews on the website speak for themselves, and we love the sound of the chamois cream with a scent inspired by the fresh orange blossoms of Mallorca.

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