Customer Discount with Polaris


03.08.16 at 11:01 am

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We try hard to find ways of giving back to our customers.

If you’ve met us at a race recently, we probably loaded you up with musettes, caps and all sorts of other goodies; we regularly run competitions through social media, and if you haven’t joined the Customer Strava Club yet, it’s another opportunity for us to send out cycling goodies in exchange for getting out on your bike.

Travelling to races and shows up and down the UK, we meet people from all areas of the cycling industry, and where we can, sneak out special offers just for you. After a little discussion with Polaris Bikeware, we are now pleased to be able to offer all Yellow Jersey Cycling Insurance customers a 15% discount on Polaris Bikeware products, including their bike bags and boxes. Check out our Top Travel Tips, snag yourself a bargain, and head out for an adventure.

For the time being, any customers who want to make use of the discount can contact us through the web form, just while we get a nice, neat referral system set up.


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