Dassi’s Graphene Superbike


09.08.16 at 1:27 pm

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We love working with Dassi and their customers. Not only are their custom paint jobs beautiful, but Dassi continue to break the mould by being the only manufacturer to produce their carbon frames in the UK. No Chinese factories here.

Last month, Dassi announced the first trial run of their new graphene infused road frame. The technology looks similar to the G+ wheels launched by Vittoria last year, and I remain a little sceptical of the benefits, but am more than ready to be proved wrong.

If you are in the mood for some slightly flowery marketing lingo, or are just curious as to what Dassi are up to, check out their blog below.

Imagine a bike made of the toughest material known to exist – 200 times stronger than steel, yet lighter than paper, and with extraordinary mechanical properties that offer greater performance without added weight. Dassi is making this vision a reality, and on Wednesday 13th July introduced its new road frame crafted with this remarkable substance: graphene.


By combining the carbon allotrope with existing products, altering an epoxy resin initially used by the European Space Agency, Dassi has been able to create hyper-composites and harness the full potential of graphene.

This means the company can manufacture bicycles with frames that boast 70% more inter-laminar sheer strength; 50% more fracture toughness; retarded crack propagation; and increased carbon-to-resin adhesion… weighing just 500g unpainted, with the same stiffness and strength characteristics of those standing at 950g.

Just as impressively, like Dassi’s last venture, these road bikes are 100% British – having been designed, developed and distributed right here in the UK. The business is still the only one of its kind in this respect, and injects its heritage into each of its custom-sprayed, hand-built bicycles.


CEO Stuart Abbott says: “There are so many exciting global mega trends that we’re leveraging as we build our bikes, from big data and hyper customisation to technology innovation and socialisation. Since creating our first design in 2012, we’ve empowered cyclists and triathletes to reach peak performance on equipment that is completely tailored to their personal geography, requirements and style.”

“We’re taking things a step further with our new graphene road frame, offering yet another unique riding experience through decreased weight, improved stiffness, increased strength and boosted aerodynamics. What’s more, because of the material’s conductivity, it’s possible for us to measure the biomechanical efficiency of the rider – so we can work towards our next goal of manufacturing a smart bike.”


It’s clear that the company’s latest release is only the beginning of its continued endeavours in pushing British technology forward on the world stage. “Dassi is ready to reset the benchmarks for cycling, and reshape the future of the sport,” adds Stuart. “Thanks to the work being done in UK material science; our team’s curiosity, experience and tenacity; and our fusion with the F1 industry, that future begins now.”


If you’re interest in purchasing one of the first 25 road bikes made with Dassi’s new graphene frameyou can do so over at dassi.com.

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