How Much Does Dehydration Impair Your Performance?


07.04.16 at 10:39 am

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Ryan Georgiades wrote an interesting blog last week on his sweat test, as his coach I wanted him to consider fully the impact dehydration could have on his performance. We hear lots about making sure you optimise nutrition in order to perform, but in my opinion many athletes overlook the need for adequate hydration during exercise. The simple fact is even a low level of dehydration can affect performance, 1% dehydration could impact performance by up to 5%:Dehydration performance Chart

The question is, how do you assess how much fluid you need to consume during exercise, and how might this change at different exercise intensities, and in different weather conditions. In this short video I will briefly take you through simple steps on how to monitor sweat rate, and how to address dehydration post exercise:

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