FeeFo is important to us, and here’s why


23.06.15 at 4:44 pm

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Sometimes, as a company that conducts its business primarily through the internet, it can be difficult to connect with our customers in the way we would like, and to build the trust which is so important to an insurance policy. After all, we are here to give you the peace of mind that when you ride or race your bicycle it is protected, and that should you make a claim, you will be speaking to someone who knows about cycling, and is going to understand what you need.

We exhibit, attend or compete at events as often as we can but of all the Yellow Jersey customers and potential customers we speak to, this will only be a fraction of those we provide policies to. These events give us an opportunity to show that we’re a bit different to our competitors -that we are a bike company, who sell insurance- but most customers have little more to go on than our website, and a reputation for good service which is slowly making its way into the cycling community.

From day one, we have been working with a review company called FeeFo to provide us with your reviews, and to help give prospective customers an idea of what we’re all about. We appreciate how important customer reviews can be, particularly when it comes to a service. Few people will book a hotel or hire a plumber without checking to see what previous customers have to say, and these reviews hold a huge weight in decision making. The trouble is the extent to which online reviews can be trusted.

There are always stories floating about of dodgy B&Bs leaving themselves glowing reviews and their competitors terrible ones, or bloggers being paid for endorsements, which is why the CMA (or Competition and Markets Authority), a non-ministerial government department commissioned a report into their best practice.

Feefo played a significant role in contributing to the CMA report, with the report highlighting the methods by which Feefo have created a trusted and useful platform. Reviews are published by Feefo immediately, good or bad, with no alterations. Every review is guaranteed to have been published by a genuine customer, invites to reviewers only being sent out after proof of purchase has been received.

You can read all of our reviews on the Yellow Jersey Feefo page, we are pretty happy with them. Most of all, we know for certain that each one of these reviews comes from a genuine customer with something to say. While praise dropping in my inbox is a nice way to start a Monday morning, the feedback on Feefo is also continuing to help us improve our on-line experience for customers, and hopefully, help those customers who we don’t get a chance to meet face to face decide if we are the company for them.

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