Ford Ride London-Essex top tips


16.05.24 at 12:50 pm

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Just a week to go until the wait is over! To say that we are excited about the 2024 Ford Ride London-Essex would be an understatement. With three beautiful routes plus the freeride to choose from, we think that you’re going to have an amazing time. Before you set off on your travels, we thought we’d just write a quick last-minute tip guide on how to make the most of your day.

Before you arrive:

Thankfully, it looks like the weather gods are on our side, with a current forecast of dry weather and temperature range of 12-21 degrees. Make sure you’re adequately dressed and have applied sun lotion!

Rider Pack.

You should have received your rider pack by now. The rider pack includes you bicycle stick on numbers and timing tag. If you haven’t received your pack, please email your full name, event distance and postal address to

Make sure that your bike numbers are fitted before you arrive at the start and that your emergency information on the back of your rider number is filled in. It’s also essential that you are aware of when need to arrive.

rider number pinned onto a cycling jersey


For many riders, this is their first sportive. There may be a chance that people are not used to riding in a group which unfortunately means an increased risk of crashing. If you are worried about your bike, don’t forget that we provide event day insurance which covers your bike up to £5,000 should it be damaged in an incident. There is still time to buy our event day insurance here for just £25! Alternatively, we are offering 25% off annual policies.

Make sure that you fill in your emergency information on the back of your race number before you arrive.

Bike check

It’s probably worth mentioning that an important part of this whole operation is to ensure that your bike is working! Although there will be ride marshals cycling the route who will help with basic repairs, its best that you come prepared as they are unlikely to carry spares. Check out our blog on sportive survival tips here.

Start times:

It’s not possible to change your start time to an earlier wave. However, you can join a later wave on  the day and don’t need to notify Ford Ride London-Essex if you do – but please note you must cross the Start Line by 09:10.

a cyclist water bottle at the start of a cycle event


What do I do with my baggage?

There won’t be a baggage drop facility in the Start Area, so please only arrive with items that you intend to cycle with. If you need to store items for the day, there are plenty of options available. Simply search online for ‘bag drop London’.

Sportive riders

During the ride

Do I need to take my own food and drink?

In short, yes you should take your own nutrition. Keeping adequately fuelled & hydrated whilst riding in the warm weather will have a profound effect on your physical performance. As it’s likely to be a warm day, we’d recommend taking two 500ml-750ml bottles. Be sure to take all litter home with you or dispose of responsibly.

Image credit: OTE Sports


The event has organised Welfare stops to replenishments. The first of four Welfare Stops on the route will be at the 25-milemark. Here you will be able to refill your water bottle, and the official sports nutrition supplier, HIGH5, will be providing energy gels, bars and hydration tabs. If you do run out of fluids, here are where the four conveniently placed welfare stops are along the route. (PS, there is no need to memorise these as you will receive a Yellow Jersey frame sticker within your rider pack)


frame sticker

Sweep service/Broom wagon

If you have to drop out of the event due to fatigue, injury or mechanical failure, you’ll be able to board a sweep bus to the nearest Welfare Stop, or back into London, with your bike. Sweep buses will circulate the event route regularly. If you need to use one, please wait by a mile marker to be collected. These are located every five miles and are easy to spot, but you’ll also be able to flag down a bus on the route. The sweep bus will drive you to the nearest public transport services back into London. Often, this will be the tube network, so be aware you may have to be on board the bus for a while, or change buses, to get back towards London. An end-of-ride vehicle will travel the route at 11.5mph to ensure that any riders who cannot complete the event are collected and supported.

After the ride

Once the event has finished, you can relax, relish the atmosphere and enjoy some well eared food & drink. But before you leave your bike parked up in London, you need to make sure that your bike is locked up correctly! If you have taken out the Yellow Jersey event day insurance, then you’ll need to adhere to our security guide which can be found here. If you haven’t taken out the event day insurance which is only £25, you can still do so by following our event day insurance link here.

a happy cyclist wearing an event medal after completing a cycle sportive


Quick links

Buy Yellow Jersey event day insurance here

Download the event app here

Download the event guide here

Download the GPS route here

Best locations for spectators to watch here

We hope you enjoy the event. Ride safe, ride strong and ride sensibly. Don’t forget that you’re taking part in an event which is going to be packed full of riders with a multitude of differing skill and strength levels. You aren’t racing for the Maillot Jaune, so there is no need to take unnecessary risks. We want you to enjoy the event rubber side down with a smile on your face. If you want to take out an annual cycle insurance policy with Yellow Jersey, you can do so by heading to our website. Have fun!




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