Help World Bicycle Relief fund 2,500 bikes for frontline healthcare workers


09.04.20 at 11:23 am

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Global non-profit World Bicycle Relief has launched an urgent appeal to mobilise front line health workers with bicycles by increasing their health care programming and getting more bikes into the hands of healthcare workers.

World Bicycle Relief has announced an urgent appeal to support 2,500 frontline health workers in rural Africa with Buffalo Bicycles. The bicycles are a reliable form of transport for health workers who provide essential care, prevention and health education in these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we know, even in wealthy regions, the pandemic is pushing healthcare systems to the limits. The communities World Bicycle Relief serves in rural Africa are extremely vulnerable to a crisis of this scale. Healthcare systems are already overburdened, water and hygiene are often out of reach, clinics lack adequate equipment and the distances that patients must travel to reach health facilities are often prohibitive.

World Bicycle Relief’s Buffalo Bicycles are specially designed for difficult terrain and heavy loads. Where the use of public transport, motorcycles and cars is suspended, bicycle mobility will remain a safe and reliable form of transportation for people and supplies. A robust bicycle in the hands of a health worker is more important now than ever to reach the most at-risk.

In rural African communities, caregivers are often the only reliable medical providers for families, travelling long distances to provide essential information, prevention and treatment. With bicycles, they can reach 10 times more households to deliver medical care and transport critical patients to health centres miles away.

In response to the current crisis, World Bicycle Relief is ramping up its health programming and increasing bicycle distribution to its health partners.

You can help by mobilising frontline health workers with an emergency donation TO WORLD BICYCLE RELIEF here.

In these difficult times, the bicycle industry can make a difference by sharing their passion for bicycles and impacting those who need them most right now.


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