Jens Voigt Meets Yellow Jersey


29.04.15 at 5:14 pm

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At the fantastic Matrix Fitness Pro Women’s Cycling Team launch 2015, we were lucky enough to meet the legend Jens Voigt.

Jens Voigt Meets Yellow Jersey2

Of course, we’d seen Jens Voigt in many T.V interviews in the past and it was great to witness, in person, his enthusiasm and keenness for all things cycling.

Jens Voigt Meets Yellow Jersey's Ryan Georgiades

We chatted to Jens Voigt for hours and got round to the subject of cycle insurance and his experience of missing bikes abroad, stolen bikes and needing to find a quick replacement before the start of an important race. Jens talked us through a time where he arrived for a race abroad and, unfortunately, his bike didn’t. This is any cyclists’ worst nightmare, and something that Yellow Jersey has worked to prevent in our race-specific cover, with our bike replacement service. In Jens’ story, he had to use a public microphone, onstage to find a bike to use. However, for you and I, getting a race ready machine, minutes before the start may not be so easy. Therefore, Yellow Jersey will be on the case to help find you a bike you can race on before the start of the event.

Jens Voigt Meets the Matrix Team

In the interview Jens Voigt also explains how, when his bikes were stolen from a secure location in his house, he was interrogated by an investigator whilst trying to make his insurance claim. The investigator made made him feel he was either lying or exaggerating, after all who had bikes that were so expensive! At Yellow Jersey, we created our policy as keen cyclists ourselves, for keen cyclists and understand that many of our customers will have more than one expensive bike.

With great anecdotes, an infectious sense of humour and a a great insight into the benefits of cycle insurance, the Jens interview is well worth a watch. While you’re at it why not check out the Yellow Jersey website to find out how you can learn from Jens’ experience and prepare yourself for every eventuality.

Photo Credit Huw Williams

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