Uncovering London Cycling Clubs: Part 1


04.03.20 at 5:22 pm

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Joining a cycling club is a fantastic way to get more out of the sport we love. Cycling clubs are the community hub of the sport and are the best the place to meet like-minded people, find new routes, train for events, race, socialise and share tips and advice among many other things.

The idea of a group of cyclists riding together for physical and personal betterment can be traced all the way back to 1878 (some clubs still have lineage reaching that far). Those were the days of horse-drawn vehicles, a time when the bike ruled, there were no cars, angry drivers or white van men preaching about road tax. Over the years, clubs have developed from the humble beginnings of cycle tour clubs, which were popularised at the height of the Victorian wellbeing movement, into a whole multitude of different outfits for everyone from fixed-gear track bikers to the plucky Sunday rider.

A place where it is particularly beneficial to be part of a club or team is London. If you are tired of the capital’s busy streets and just want to explore some new terrain, a cycling club is ideal. There is safety in numbers, you will find routes you may never have discovered without company, and there is the chance to meet new people who share your passion. Here is our guide to cycle clubs operating out of London, categorised so you can find the right team for you.

Sporting and racing clubs

Probably the most popular type of cycle clubs are these sporting teams. Group rides, sportives, races, social events – they do it all. Some of these clubs are huge operations too with over 500 members on their books, so there will never be any shortage of people to ride with in the capital. These teams are ideal for every sort of rider from beginners to seasoned pros.

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Brixton Cycles

Self-proclaimed “London’s friendliest cycle club” are one of South London’s most popular teams. It’s easy to see why, with a membership fee of only £25 a year, riding for Brixton CC costs less than an annual BC racing license. The club runs a ride out from Crystal Palace every Sunday and can also be found racing pretty much every cycling discipline there is. It is predominantly a social club so a perfect fit for a South London rider looking to socialise more as well as seizing new on-bike opportunities. Not to mention their beautifully retro kit.

Check out Brixton CC on their website, Instagram, Strava and Twitter.

Dulwich Paragon

Dulwich, like Brixton, are another South London club with a great looking kit (this will become a theme). The team races every discipline and puts on regular club rides. They are based at Herne Hill Velodrome and can always be found at track meets, so if you are beginner who wants to chance your arm at track racing, Dulwich is for you. As for road, the club run a monthly 55km introductory ride that takes in a picturesque route from London to the Surrey Hills. It’s a great opportunity to learn what a cycle club does and what it’s like to ride in a bunch. And there’s always a good chance of a café stop, the keystone of every good ride.


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Still smiling after the NYD madison. . NYD Madison 2020. . 📸 @sister_midnight

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Check out Dulwich Paragon on their website, Instagram, Strava and Twitter.

Islington CC

Islington are one of the fastest growing cycling clubs in the capital. Formed in 2012, the club quickly signed up a staggering 600 members in only a couple of years. They are mainly focussed on road cycling but with that many members, they do of course get involved in other disciplines as well. The team use an online forum as a virtual clubhouse which they use to arrange rides, share stories and skills, and organise the monthly beginners’ courses.


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Check out Islington CC on their website, Facebook, Instagram, Strava and Twitter.

Kingston Wheelers

Kingston have a deep-rooted ethos thanks to their 96-year history. It involves a lot of cups of coffee! The club strive to be the most inclusive team in London and support riders of all levels and disciplines. With over 500 members from South West London and Surrey, the club has developed into one of the key capital-based teams, often giving back to the community through an active volunteering programme. You’re never very far from a Kingston Wheeler.

Check out Kingston Wheelers on their website, Facebook, Instagram, Strava and Twitter.

London Dynamo

London Dynamo is a club that traces its roots back to the early ’90s when, as they say, cycling clubs were not supportive and welcoming enough. The club then grew through the last few decades and is now one of the capital’s most successful teams. Cycle sport and friendliness are their key values, and this is demonstrated from their initiation rides all the way to support at races. Dynamo have a group ride organised for almost every day of the week, so if you’re looking to get fit quick and learn on the rides, Dynamo is for you. Interestingly, they take their name from the tough road men of Eastern Europe and sports teams such as Dynamo Kiev and Moscow Dynamo. Membership is £70 a year for adult newcomers and £60 for returners.


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The ParkRide moves to 8:30am this Saturday… members please see the forum for details #richmondpark #whereweride #cycling

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Check out London Dynamo on their website, Facebook, Instagram, Strava and Twitter.

London Phoenix

Once again, London Phoenix are a team who have it all. Various media channels, an online forum and the all-important Strava club, being part of a team like Phoenix is a fantastic motivator for riders at any level. The club put on a variety of different events and ride/race all cycling disciplines. Their new member ride occurs on the second Saturday of every month, and after an email to the team, anyone can join in.


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Great ride out to Hanningfield Reservoir this morning. #LondonPhoenixCC #londoncycling #essexcycling #whereiride

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Check out London Phoenix on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Penge CC

As the name of course suggests, Penge is a South London club, and it only costs £15 to join. It is a community based, volunteer run club which caters for all ages and abilities. The club put on a whole multitude of different rides aimed at everyone from kids and beginners to the most experienced of riders. Penge riders can be found enjoying riding their bikes at every type of cycle event in the capital and South of England. They are also one of many London clubs with a striking jersey, and it really does sometimes come down to that.

Check out Penge CC on their website, Facebook, Strava and Twitter.

Women only clubs

A few clubs that cater exclusively for women have recently popped up in the capital. Ideal for beginners and new racers, these clubs are on the forefront of empowering female cyclists, guiding more girls and women into the sport.

Bella Velo

Bella Velo is a women’s community based in South West London. The club welcomes all abilities and are passionate about helping and encouraging female cyclists through training rides and social events. Having fun is at the core of what they do, and their rides are perfect meeting grounds for beginners. There is a club ride from Roehampton every Saturday, and they also run park and interval sessions during the week. Out of all the London cycling clubs, Bella Velo are one of the friendliest in the capital and all rides, of course, end with a slice of cake and a cup of coffee.

Check out Bella Velo on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Les Filles Racing Team

Les Filles are a racing team who boast some of the best London-based amateur female cyclists. Not to get ahead of themselves though, the club’s ethos is “fun, friendly, fast – in that order.” That can be seen throughout the year at all types of events, from some of the biggest National road and track races, all the way to local league events. The smiles never stop with Les Filles.

Check out Les Filles on Instagram and Twitter.

Scarpa Racing

Scarpa Racing is a grassroots cycle club committed to empowering their riders on and off the bike. Supported by Rapha, the club’s ethos is based on development and strengthening the whole team. Set up by a group of friends, Scarpa is about building strong relationships on the bike and encouraging each other to succeed.


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Check out Scarpa Racing on their website and Instagram.


The Rapha Cycle Club is a global community of riders who are passionate about the sport. The £135-a-year membership gives its members access to exclusive products, a social network, meeting places all over the world, discounts on the company’s trips, and also provides support at races and sportives.

Check out Rapha CC on their website, Strava and Instagram.

VC Londres

VCL is a racing club for adults and youths based at Herne Hill Velodrome, an icon of cycling in Britain. With around 350 members, the club focusses on track and road racing, with cyclocross in the winter, all the while cultivating a real community spirit. The team focusses very heavily on rider development with half of their members under the age of 18, and they’ve had some huge success. Former riders Fred Wright and Ethan Hayter have gone on to race for two of the biggest teams in the world (Bahrain-McLaren and Team Ineos respectively), as well as competing for Great Britain on the track. 

Check out VC Londres on their website, Facebook, Strava and Twitter.

New(ish) London Cycling Clubs

A huge catalyst for the inception of new London cycling clubs was, of course, the London 2012 Olympics. That event took place just under eight years ago (wow, how time flies) and Great Britain’s successes on the track and on the road – plus Bradley Wiggins’s Tour de France victory – led to a cycling boom up and down the country. Eight years on, and the London clubs are still feeling the love. If you’re after a more intimate vibe at a club which puts fun and social bonding on the same rung as the riding itself, these are the teams for you.

Big Boys Bicycle Club


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Evolution of Boy 📉

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Kiddy Mates On Toy Bikes

North London Thundercats Black Metal Cycling Club



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