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23.02.18 at 8:03 am

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So you might have noticed that things are a little different around here today. After months of hard work behind the scenes, we can finally reveal exactly what we’ve been working on…

We’ll come onto the new swanky website in a moment but the big news is, we’ve increased our range of Bicycle Insurance policies. Since we launched in 2014, Yellow Jersey has grown from strength to strength, providing specialist Bicycle Insurance and Travel Insurance to customers racing and riding all over the world. After much research and customer consultation, we’ve expanded our Bicycle Insurance to provide three new tiers. Our new products enable us to cater for a wider range of cyclists.


We now offer three Bicycle Insurance policies: Essentials, Performance and Ultimate. These are in addition to our Travel Insurance policy, which continues to offer cover for, amongst other things, trip cancellation, emergency medical expenses and repatriation.

All of the new Yellow Jersey Bicycle Insurance tiers aim to provide “best in class” cover, ensuring all customers continue to receive the Yellow Jersey standard of care.

And whilst there are differences in what each tier covers, all include as standard: theft, crash and accidental damage, £2m public liability cover, £250 accessory cover, dental/physio cover, multi-bike discounts, cover for all the family and a generous 25% renewal discount.


So why the new look and website? Since we first launched we’ve been well known for our strong identity and bright yellow branding. But now that we’ve launched our new products, we thought it was a good opportunity to re-evaluate how we present our brand. To do this, we worked with leading brand and design studio Conductor. Together, we set out to re-discover our identity. Our aim was to communicate our passion for cycling as well as our expertise in insurance, and to appeal to a wide range of cyclist. And so, our new vision was born – Free Your Ride.
finish line illustration yellow jersey cycle insurance

Creative director at Conductor, MJ Jackson spoke of the approach taken to develop the Yellow Jersey brand:

“The creative development of Yellow Jersey’s brand was largely informed as a result of collaborative workshop sessions, founded on in-depth audience research. It was immediately clear how passionate Yellow Jersey are in providing the most comprehensive service for cyclists, as cyclists themselves. We wanted to communicate both that passion and insurance expertise to create confidence that Yellow Jersey is truly the best in class. 

“We set out to define a clear vision and an essential character for the brand that was high in quality, trustworthy and approachable. It was important to clearly communicate the need for cycling insurance and the value of Yellow Jersey as experts in the field.”

Through the process it became clear that whatever the sort of cycling Yellow Jersey customers were involved in, they had a common theme – a sense of freedom when riding a bike. That feeling resonated with commuters, weekend riders and pros alike and became an important part of helping to bring the brand to life.

MJ added:

“Through Yellow Jersey’s service and policies they enable customers to ride without any concern — free to ride the way they want, where they want and when they want. We wanted to capture this positive spirit in a simple statement ‘Free Your Ride’. The succinct statement sums up Yellow Jersey’s attitude — by making insurance easy and stress-free they can empower customers to ride, whether for fun or for fitness.

“The existing brand identity, whilst not broken, didn’t represent the full character of Yellow Jersey’s attitude, personality and service. By introducing additional typefaces and a suite of concise brand assets we were able to communicate important information with a clear hierarchy. Inspired by both cycling history and contemporary publishing we married sophisticated typography with charming illustration to deliver messages appropriately and effectively.”

Whatever type of riding you are into – from a leisurely Sunday cycle to racing worldwide – there’s always a common theme which underlines it, the sense of freedom when riding a bike. This feeling unites all of our customers and is what we believe Yellow Jersey stands for. Free Your Ride, to us, means making insurance straightforward and stress-free, so that you can enjoy cycling, safe in the knowledge that, should anything happen, we are there for you.

We take all of our customer feedback on board, so a big part of this re-brand has been making the website more user friendly. From an updated Help section to answer common queries, to a sleek new quote generator, we hope you enjoy the new look and feel.

Finally, we’ve renamed the blog and newsletter to ‘The Draft’ with new content being added soon. Have a look around the new website and we’d love to hear your feedback.

If you want to read about the new bicycle tiers simply click on the new ‘wayfinders’ below.

Essentials doodlePerformance doodleUltimate doodle

Essentials          Performance            Ultimate


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