15 most frustrating things non-cyclists say to cyclists


12.12.18 at 11:30 am

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As much as we look forward to the festive period, it can be incredibly hard work for some. Cycling is not always a shared passion among families, so quality time spent with loved ones can often become a test of endurance thanks to their cluelessness about bikes and not-so-subtle digs towards cyclists.

To really embrace the festive spirit, then, we surveyed the YJ office to find our top 15 most frustrating things that non-cyclists say to cyclists. Have some fun by counting up their comments alone or with an ally across the room – how many do you think you’ll hear over the coming days?

Why on earth would you cycle to work in the rain?

So you’re one of those MAMILs? I wouldn’t be seen dead in lycra

Why do all cyclists think they own the roads and cycle two abreast?

Doesn’t it just really hurt your bum?

Why do you need another bike, aren’t they all the same?

But it’s so much quicker to drive

You’ll never eat all that!

I went to a spin class once…

You all think you’re racing in the Tour de France or something

It’s all well and good, but do you have to do it in the road?

Wouldn’t you rather stay in bed at the weekend?

Please tell me you don’t shave your legs

I don’t like going up hills…

You could have bought a car for that!

You cycled HOW FAR?!



Merry Christmas, and good luck!

Stupid questions non cyclists ask cyclists - face palm
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