Top YJ Blogs of 2015


30.12.15 at 11:38 am

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We have taken the easy way out this week and opted to bring you the Top 6 YJ Blogs of 2015. Seemingly everybody loves Strava, so unsurprisingly this tops our list!


1. Everybody loves Strava

Our top blog of the year, Ride Hard, Keep Safe went down a treat on social media. Not set your Strava security settings yet? Well what are you waiting for? We know your waiting for the January sales to pop out and get that shiny, new, very expensive but still an absolute bargain, bicycle. Just don’t tell the world where your keeping it.

2. Hanging out with Matrix Pro Cycling


2015 was Matrix Pro Cycling’s first year as a UCI ranked team, and saw them competing in competition across Europe from the Aviva tour of Britain, to La Course by Le Tour in Paris. As a sponsor, and keen set of fans, we had fantastic access to both the team and manager Stefan Wyman, hitching a ride in the team car at the Tour of Britain.

3. Cycling in the Land of Golf


It’s slightly odd feeling when your day job and hobby overlap so significantly. For the Yellow Jersey team, a holiday is just another excuse to go cycling. Simon Lythgoe looked at cramming as much cycling as possible into a family holiday in his blog post Cycling in the Land of Golf.

4. Depressive to suicidally athletic


The best posts though, are always the ones written by other people (and not just because it gives us an afternoon off). George Bright a member local club Clapham Chasers, wrote an exceptional article bravely tackling the taboo subject of Depression. Whilst this is a tough subject Geroge manages to present a touching and compelling introspective, sports had given him a new lease of life and not just physically.

5. London 6 Day Event


The London event managed to achieve the one thing it needed to. It brought the classic format of 6 day racing back to London with all the atmosphere and excitement of the team track competition, but it also made it feel fresh.

6. What is Presumed Liability


It feels like there is a bit of confusion over what presumed liability would actually mean to cyclists and motorists in the UK. There is no single way of implementing presumed liability or a single approach that has been used across Europe. But in principle at least, it is a fairly simple concept.


Happy New Year from the whole YJ team, see you out on the road and trails in 2016.

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