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World Bicycle Relief are bringing education to girls in rural Kenya

Will Leedham | 1 year ago

This week, World Bicycle Relief launch their annual Christmas fund raiser; changing lives across rural, developing countries with their Buffalo Bicycles.

We’ve spoken before about how bicycles can be a vector for social and economic change. A bicycle is the simplest mode of transport, requiring no fuel and only the minimum of maintenance, but can provide people in remote areas crucial access to markets for trade, medical care, and education.

This year’s World Bicycle Relief campaign focuses on the impact their Buffalo Bicycles have had on girls’ education in rural Kenya through 18 year old Dianah’s story.

World Bicycle Relief is a cause important to Yellow Jersey. Our director of marketing Emily Conrad-Pickles has spent the last few years raising money for Buffalo Bicycles, with her fundraising efforts culminating in an unsupported ride from London to Cape Town. She has raised an incredible £28000 so far, providing 295 bikes, and changing the lives of 295 families. If you would like to support World Bicycle Relief you can donate to Emily’s fundraising page here, or start a fundraising campaign of your own.

Will Leedham

| 1 year ago

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