15 Key Places To Lubricate A Road Bike


29.12.16 at 3:22 pm

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15 Key place to lubricate your road bike

Types Of Lubricants To Use

On a simple level there are 3 key types of lubrication you will use on a road bike:

  • Grease
  • General Purpose Lubricant
  • Chain Lube

Greases tend to be thicker and as a rule of thumb are used in places you can’t see where the frame connects to components or bearings

General purpose lubricants are thinner and can be sprayed on. They are used to minimise friction where parts come together or move such as derailleurs of cables.

Chain lube is specialist lubricant designed for use on the chain. There are many different types but most manufacturers will offer wet or dry that is specific for use in those conditions. For more information on these check out my article Everything You Need to Know About Bike Lubricants.

From Back To Front

  1. Rear wheel bearings (Grease)
  2. Rear derailleur (General Purpose Lubricant)
  3. Jockey Wheels (General Purpose Lubricant)
  4. Rear brakes (General Purpose Lubricant)
  5. Seat post and saddle rails (Grease)
  6. Chain (Chain Lube)
  7. Front Derailleur/Mech (General Purpose Lubricant)
  8. Cable guides (General Purpose Lubricant)
  9. Crank axle (Grease)
  10. Pedals (Grease for bearings, General Purpose Lubricant for clipless mechanism)
  11. Headset bearings (Grease)
  12. Handlebar stem (Grease)
  13. Front brakes (General Purpose Lubricant)
  14. Front wheel bearings (Grease)
  15. Gear/Brake Levers (General Purpose Lubricant)

Other Areas

  • The threads of all bolts (Grease)
  • Dropouts where skewers meet frame (not always needed)
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