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GPS Tracking: Sean Conway’s Cycling World Record Attempt

Will Leedham | 6 months ago

25 Days to cycle unsupported across Europe


Sadly things don’t always go to plan, and with much sadness on the 9th of August, Sean called to let us know he was going to have to pull out of his record attempt due to injury.

A torn muscle in his right-hand quadriceps has left Sean unable to ride without pain, and his power output has dropped significantly, meaning he would be unable to maintain his record breaking pace.

“It’s with a very heavy heart that I have decided to withdraw from my World Record Cycle attempt due to injury. I have not taken this decision lightly and don’t deal very well with failing at challenges however I just do not feel that I will be able to give this record the power I need to break the impressive new record set recently by Jonas Deichmann.

“For now, I’m sorry that I’ve not been able to carry on and wish to thank everyone who has supported this project. Needless to say I’m now going to take some time out to recover as quickly as possible before I announce my next challenge. It’s such a tough decision to admit defeat and I am gutted, however I will take this time to rebuild my strength and come back stronger. It goes without saying that, all being well, I will be back to give this another shot next year.”

Sean’s ability to push through the barriers on adventures like this one is incredible, but we are also glad he is able to recognise when he needs to stop. Rest and recovery now will let Sean come back stronger next time, and we can’t wait to support him through his next adventure which we hope to announce soon.

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On the 5th August 2017 the ginger-bearded adventure athlete, Sean Conway, will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing of Europe by bicycle.

Starting from Cabo de Roca on the west coast of Portugal, Sean will attempt to cycle 4,500 miles across Europe finishing at Ufa in Russia in less than 25 days. The attempt will be unsupported meaning Sean will be carrying all of his kit with him along the way.

To put this distance into perspective, it is over double the distance ridden at the recent Tour de France (2,200 miles) in roughly the same amount of time (Le Tour was over 23 days).

The current record stands at 29 days, 18 hours and 25 minutes and Sean is looking to knock over 4 days off the record. In order to do this, he’ll need to cycle roughly 180 miles a day.

We will be hosting Sean’s live GPS tracker here starting on the 5th of August together with blogs photos and video of the attempt, so make sure you bookmark this page to check in on his progress.

Sean’s record attempt is being supported by Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance who are providing bicycle insurance to protect his bike ‘Maggie’, and cycle travel insurance.

Will Leedham

| 6 months ago

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