Big presents for cyclists


09.12.21 at 11:22 am

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You know a cyclist that you want to impress this festive season. What can you get them that will knock their (crisp, white and aero) socks off? Other than (and including) “a bike”, what grand gifts can be bought for a cyclist? Here we present to you our shortlist of grand gesture presents perfect for bike riders of all kinds! 

Training camps and holidays

Cycling in the sun is one of the purest forms of joy available. Cycling in the sun while everyone else is stuck at home in the freeing rain is a feeling so great it’s impossible to express in words.

Whether your cyclist is a roadie and fancies a trip to Mallorca, or a mountain bike buff who wants to stay with our partners, MTB Beds,  in Morzine (although you’ll have to wait until June for this as it’s pretty snowy there). A training camp, cycling trip or anything that involves riding a bike somewhere different from your usual roads and trails is something every cyclist loves to do.

Bike parts break but memories last forever and nothing makes memories like riding abroad in the sun! 


Yellow Jersey customers get an exclusive discount at the world-famous gran fondo – the Mallorca 312.


A bike helmet is a big investment and for good reason. No one wants to cut costs when it comes to the protection of their heads (or that of their loved one). There are a huge amount of options available for all cycling disciplines and we’ve put forward some of our favourites with highly-rated safety features to protect your loved one’s head in 2022 and beyond.

For BMX – Bell Local BMX/Skate Helmet, £27.75 from Tredz

Big presents for cyclists

For Roadies – ARO3 Lite, £102.00 from Oakley.

Big presents for cyclists

For MTB – Roost MIPS Off Road, £89.99 from Giant

Big presents for cyclists

Bike fits and wind tunnel sessions

The compromise between aerodynamics and comfort is a line that’s been finely skated by time trialists for years. Triathletes and road racers have started to realise the importance of aerodynamics too recently leading to a boom in the bike fitting and aero testing business.

Comfort, efficiency and control are important both on and off the road and a bike fit is key to all of this. Bike fits can be purchased at a range of price points with everything from a simple cleat adjustment (which can make a huge difference) to a wind tunnel session and all will be appreciated by the cyclist in your life. 

Bike-fits are increasingly available at local bike shops as they seek to compete with big online bicycle retailers, and are a perfect opportunity to support local high street businesses.


The best way to perform to your maximum is to have a training plan that is well followed, adaptable and specific to you. Having a coach to manage this training plan is the most effective thing you can possibly do to support your cycling or triathlon career. Many coaching packages can be purchased in 6 or 12 month blocks and training plans can be purchased online from companies like Strava and Training Peaks (amongst many others). A list of cycling coaches can be found on British Cycling’s website and the same with British Triathlon for triathlon coaches.

Another bike

It goes without saying. All cyclists want more bikes, and our recommendation is something different to what they currently ride.

Buy the roadie in your life a mountain bike, get your BMXer a fixed gear track bike and the time trialist or triathlete a gravel bike. Riding in a new position on new terrain will improve your cyclist’s skills making them a better all-round rider, faster and stronger! They will also get a kick out of exploring a new environment on two wheels! 

Big presents for cyclists


Whatever gifts you end up buying for your loved ones this Christmas season Yellow Jersey customers get a host of discounts from brands including Millets, Oakley, Giant and many more! Yellow Jersey is an award winning bicycle insurance company – click here for a quote.  

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